Saturday, 24 February 2018

I Regretted My Last Relationship !! Part 1

I never knew he was not a believer. We prayed together, we church together, we even fasted together. He was everything to me.  When I needed money he gave me.  I took him to my mum,  to my greatest surprise mum loved him.  Mum has never liked any of my male friends. She must have excuse for not liking them.

One was too short for me,  despite he was a good Christian. What an excuse.  True! I am a short beautiful girl.  But I loved Dave!  Dave was too short for mum. A little shorter than me though. But does that really matters? All I cared about was someone that can understand me.

When I raise my hand, Dave knows what I wanted.  We were the most  beautiful couple on campus.  We did everything together. But he never touched me for sex.  He was a good home trained boy that does not believe in that, naturally.

My growth spiritualy was slow but I was not an unbeliever when I met Fred. I couldn't pray through, but he convinced me that he heard God speak to him.  He was mentoring me I thought. Put me through in so many spiritual things. He condemned so many things I use to do.  I love my trousers,  jeans most especially. He took them away!
Bought me ten beautiful colourful  skirts, just in one day. I haven't left school when I met him.

Fred was a civil engineer. I met him at my aunt's church in porthacourt  when I went to see my aunt from school. Fred was a youth leader at my aunt's church. Oh! I regretted the day I met Fred. I spent two weeks with aunty Vic. It was like a day, just because of Fred. As if my break should not end again. He took my number on that same day aunty Vic introduced me to him. We became friends that same day.  Our friendship brought him to University of Ibadan where I was studying then severally. He will always lodge in an hotel when he comes around.

I was serving as a youth Corp when I decided to visit Fred without notice. I travelled down from Kano to porthacourt to see Fred on this fateful day. I got to his house around 9:05. The gate was left unlocked. I peeped and peeped,  no sign of the gate man. I wanted to do a surprise visit.  I entered the compound without anyone noticing me. Getting to the door,  it was locked,  but I was hearing sounds from inside. But not of people talking, it was not a sound I was  really familiar with either.  Not of pain,  not of joy,  but so weak.  I peeped through the window I was hearing the sound from. It was so dark. I turned round the house to the other door,  it was wide opened. Right in the kitchen I met a guy in a hot sex with a lady. I ran back. He left the girl, and  ran after me. He got me so quickly. Slapped me,  asking me who I wanted. I said "please its Fred"  He dragged me along, took me inside,  open a dark room, threw me on the floor, and said,  good we have a new goat now! I tell you, I was breathing as if it was my last breath. 

He pointed a gun at me,  and told me to hold my lips. He opened the wardrobe in the room, brought out rope to tie my hands to the  back.  He tied my face with a scarf he loosed from his head.

I was lying down almost lifeless for fear, when I noticed a wet hands pull down my skirt.  I wanted to shout but I remembered the gun.  I started begging him. He slapped me severally and deflowered me. I cried and cried as he was struggling to do this. After this I heard him left the room banging the door behind him.

I was still sobbing like a baby, when I head the voice of Fred coming along the corridor of the room I was put. I heard someone told him,  "Scot! we have a new goat,  Baba will be glad,  I think she missed her road, she was looking for one Fred"

I heard the door opened,  and I saw the ray of light through the scarf on my face as they switched on the room's light. Then Fred said "why the blood" I was bleeding! "Idiot!  did you rape the  goat?" Fred said.  I didn't know she was a virgin!  He replied. "Notwithstanding you have defiled the goat! She must not meat a man for seven days, Please throw her away! She is not useful. We shall use the old  goat. She is already here for seven days." Fred said again. I was shaking where I was lying for the revelation that Fred is a cultist.

By himself he pulled off my blindfold,  just to discover his wife to be.

To be continued..........

Take heed!
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father.

©Evang Kemi Longe

Friday, 23 February 2018


DEAR STRONG AND MIGHTY FATHER, I Thank You for making all things perfect in my life; I have no reason to look on to man for anything, and You have established Your greatness in my life ; for what You give last forever(James1:17)!

Today, my countenance is lightened,life is a pointer to victory, my success is resounding and my world is painted with the Word of the Spirit(Heb11:3).

This weekend, men shall come to my rising(1Cor9:8)! Glory to God in Jesus'name


Thursday, 22 February 2018


DEAR STRENGTH-GIVING AND LIFE-TRANSFORMING FATHER, I Thank You for being a God that gives his Children Hope in this world; Your word is my anchor, manual for living and I know Christ in me, is glory received(Joel3:16)!

This day, I'm connected to Jesus; my root is deep in the ever fresh reality of God's kingdom and supplanted in the divine sustainability where God and I are inseparable one(1Cor6:17)!

I know I'm God's and no devil can touch me!

Glory to God-in Jesus'name

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


DEAR SUCCESS-GIVING AND WORTHY FATHER, I Thank You for transforming my heart and mind to conform to Your will by Your Spirit; I'm enlightened and made perfect in weaknesses(Ps34:5).

Today, people choose to help me; I'm not alone in life because I know that God is raising the world to answer to me and I don't struggle to make it, for favour of God and men is at work in me(Ps124:8)!

Today, I'm free from sin, death and destruction and I'm free indeed!

Glory to God-in Jesus'name

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


DEAR PERFECT AND LOVE-PERSONIFIED FATHER, I Thank You for Prevailing in all I do; all I think, say and do speaks blessings for i don't lack glory in different phases of my life(Num22:6).

Today, I display the Excellency of God at work in me; the grace of God on my life is put into use by living the word from inside out(2Tim2:1).

I'm stronger to face today with all efficiency and accuracy of the Spirit of the word!

Glory To God-in Jesus'name

Friday, 16 February 2018

Punch news headlines today

Should ministers have powers to discipline heads of agencies they supervise

FG should end NNPCs destructive monopoly

Herdsmen attacks, destruction of farmlands worsen food insecurity

Clear petrol queues before Sunday, FG orders NNPC

PwC leads in global brand index

You can make it in Nigeria ' Shobanjo

Combating Lassa fever outbreak

Police arrest two kidnappers, rescue two victims in Niger

How 150 died in Jigawa road accidents FRSC

Waiting for Adekunle Gold, Praiz at 100% concert

Tope Alabi, others for Gospel Vibes

Reekado Banks, Simi others thrill at Cool Breeze Party finale

David Alabas sister, Rose May, romances African sounds

Registered voters: NWest, SWest lead

Lassa fever kills man, two pregnant women in Benue

Ill take Nigeria to the next level, says Buhari

Buhari okays rebuilding of communities affected by herdsmens attacks

Woman joins Ekiti gov race

Niger CJ frees 27 Minna, Suleja prisons inmates

We cant provide information on Buharis UK treatment Emefiele, CBN

SAfricans jubilate as Ramaphosa succeeds Zuma

BHaram member who served as guard in Lagos jailed 25 years

Anti-graft war: Osinbajo blames low convictions on manipulation

Buhari on private visit to Daura

Army places N3m bounty on Shekau

Fire scare forces Senate to end plenary

Kaduna APC faction queries el-Rufai, suspends commissioner

Dont sell your future, Faparusi tells voters

Nigerian student develops new diagnosis for retina disease

The commanding privilege of leadership

Govt makes waste bins compulsory on Island

Lagos promises better pilgrimage in 2018

Ogun ruler advises subjects on health

ANAN seeks synergy among accountants

Marriage registry: Court decides LGAs case against FG April 30

Restructure Nigeria now, say Ohanaeze youths

Army offers N3m reward for information on Shekau

Buhari congratulates Ramaphosa

MTN has so far paid N110bn in fine ' NCC

Contributory pension: PFAs pay N501bn to retirees

Tier-2 banks face capital shortfall on naira depreciation 'Fitch

Ecobank offers wealth planning services to customers

Agency affirms stable outlook on UBA subsidiaries

FG releases pricing for $2.5bn fifth Eurobond

Shareholders seek UAC water subsidiary's liquidation

Stocks extend gains, index rises by 1.03%

Tips for making the most of your current account

Operators reject excise duties on made-in-Nigeria goods

Nigeria, Indonesia trade volume hits $2.5bn


DEAR WONDERFUL-COUNSELING FATHER, I Thank You for giving me the flourishing life; the divine life is at work in me, causing me to enjoy totality of God and the finished work on the cross(Ps1:3-5).

Today, any where the sole of my foot shall touch belongs to me and all connected to me and the evidence of God's glory distinguishes me for the higher life in Christ on earth(Josh1:3).

This weekend,when men are saying there is a casting down, I say victory on every sides! Glory to God in Jesus'name.

Have a fulfilled weekend