Tuesday, 22 May 2018


DEAR STRENGTH GIVING AND LOVE ESTABLISHING FATHER, I Thank You for your glory in my life; I Thank You for guiding me in continuous victory(Col1:13).

I rule and reign over all the elements of the world by walking in your word, manifesting the power of the Spirit!(Jam1:18).

I'm seated with Christ in the heavenly realm, far above all principalities and powers(Eph1:21)!

I'm so addicted to the word; I'm a walking-word! Glory to God in Jesus'name

Sunday, 20 May 2018

IMPREGNATE ME OR I DIE A Story By Ayodele Adeoye Part Eleven

I was half conscious and half unconscious. I knew all the time he came on me but I couldn't resist him or say anything. Was this what iya ibeji went through before having her twins? For the two weeks Prophet David took advantage of me. He gave me no breathing space day nor night. He will always sprinkle water on my private part before using me. My phone was taken away all through and switched off. I was to leave on Thursday, by Wednesday evening I was in full control of myself. 'Where is my phone? I asked lady Stella. 'Your phone will be given to you later tonight.' When she brought my phone I quickly switched it on and I got more than ten SMS. Most of the messages were from my husband. While I was trying to go through the messages my phone rang, 'Lo and behold, it was my husband, I didn't pick as I had to think of a lie to tell him. He called again  and I picked, 'what happened my sweet heart?' He asked anxiously. 'My phone fell inside the three-seater sofa and I didn't know it was switched off. I just discovered it today. It didn't take him time to believe me. We talked at length and he narrated all his experience in Lagos. I will be back in a week's time, he said and ended the call.

Many things happened thereafter but after six months I was not pregnant. Iya ibeji kept encouraging me to be patient. She assured me I will be pregnant. My life became a mess - I started perceiving an offensive odour around my private part ever since I returned from Prophet David's place. It came with itching and pain. I hid what I was going through from my husband but he noticed the odour and I guessed he couldn't tell me.

One year after, I was not pregnant. Sally was already pregnant with her second baby without stress. I told myself that if I didn't get pregnant before she gave birth to her second baby I will denounce my faith in God. As far as i was concerned, it wasn't worth it, serving God without anything to show for it. I had stopped observing my ovulation period because previous efforts had been fruitless. N600,000 had gone down the drain yet I couldn't make trouble. Prophet David had abused me yet I had  to remain mute. I had been battling with STDs I contacted from Prophet David but I couldn't speak out. My salvation was already at stake, I couldn't return back to God because I was angry with him for allowing me go through all these shameful and painful experiences. If God were human, I won't forgive him.

'Madam why did you wait for so long before coming to the hospital? The doctor asked me. This is one of the dreaded STDs medical science has been battling with in recent times. I may have to refer you to a gynecologist for better attention. He wrote a short note on his complementary card and gave it to me to give to Dr Robert. He promised to call Dr Robert before I got there.

"Madam, where is your husband? I can't treat you until I see your husband or any representative of your family, Dr Robert told me. I was afraid my secret was about to be leaked out. This was the end of the road for me, I began to contemplate suicide, because I couldn't face the shame. I refused to tell my husband until my condition grew worse. The odour became unbearable, I practically stank like a dead fowl. At this time my husband became bold enough to ask me why I was smelling. And without waiting for an answer, he said, 'We will see the doctor tomorrow.

Your wife is suffering from a chronic STD and it has affected her kidneys and her womb. If we don't carry out a surgery on her in four days she may not be able to conceive again. My husband was shocked. 'Doctor can we do the operation today?' My husband asked, yes of course, if you are ready, the doctor told my husband. In less than thirty minutes I was wheeled to the theater for surgery. When I opened my eyes I saw my mom, our pastor and some brethren surrounded my bed. The way they all looked at me made me suspicious that something bad had happened. I was discharged but I kept seeing the doctor every week for check up. My journey of barrenness lasted for 14 years. All my friends and family connived not to tell me that my womb was removed during the operation in order to save my life. I knew this when I went for a check up in another hospital while my husband was away to Ghana. I have been without a  womb for over ten years without knowing.

Watch out for the last episode.....

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

IMPREGNATE ME OR I DIE A Story By Ayodele Adeoye Part Ten

'I have made up my mind ma, I want to see Prophet David but I have some challenges ma.' 'What are the challenges? Don't worry when we see in church tomorrow we will talk of the challenges. I am happy that you have finally made up your mind.' She was so happy about my decision. My challenges are how to raise N600,000 and how to do all these without my husband knowledge.
My husband was suspicious of my new relationship with iya ibeji because I have never told him anything about her nor the topic of our discussions yet we were always together after every of our services. I had to keep my husband waiting most times just to see iya ibeji. My husband could not hold his peace anymore because today's discussion with Iya ibeji was just too long. I knew he will insist on knowing the subject of our discussion today so I started planning out lies before he confronted me.

Just like I predicted, my husband insisted I must tell him what I have been discussing with Iya ibeji. Nothing serious, she has been encouraging me and praying along with us on the issue of my inability to conceive. He wasn't convinced but he had to accept my explanation like that. All through the night I couldn't sleep because of the terrible things iya ibeji suggested to me. How can I sleep with Chief Mike just for N600,000? Things I didn't do while I was single, why I'm doing it now that I am married? This is pure adultery. But I needed the money to pay Prophet David. After all it is just one meeting with Chief Mike. I will do it, God has to forgive me. If he could forgive Sally for all the atrocities she committed why won't he forgive me for just a one time adultery? Chief Mike is considerate for requesting just a one time meeting for N600,000. I made up my mind to do it.

I had never seen Chief Mike before until iya ibeji took me to his guest house. He was an elderly man in his late 60s. He kept to his promise as he handed over a polythene bag containing N500 notes of N600,000 to me. We didn't talk too much as it all sounded like a deal. Iya ibeji was glad when I came out of his room with the black polythene bag. 'Congratulations, you will soon be a mother,' she held my hand and we walked out of the guest house together. But I was really ashamed because all of chief's staff who attended to us knew what I came for. A married woman for that matter.

I had crossed the first hurdle, I have the money but how was I going to make it for the two weeks camping with prophet David without my husband's knowledge? I kept the money with Iya ibeji because there was no how I could keep it without my husband discovering it. Two weeks after I got the money there was no idea of the type of lie I could tell my husband until he came home that day with a letter for a three weeks course in Port Harcourt. I was so happy because this came at the right time. My husband was perplexed with my reaction towards his course compared to when he was promoted.

The day my husband left for Port Harcourt, I left for Abaji the following day. I made all payments and was given my room. It was room 5. I was there all alone until around 8pm when a lady knocked at my door, 'who is there? I asked. 'It's me Stella.' I headed towards the door since it was a lady's voice. We greeted and she told me the lord Bishop will be seeing me by 9:45pm tonight and I should get set. I lost my peace after Stella told me Prophet David will be seeing me by 9:45pm. What exactly is he coming to do? I couldn't eat the food they served me because of fear. But I had reached the point of no return. At exactly 9:45pm, there was a knock at my door and I knew it must be Prophet David but for courtesy sake I asked, who is there? It was Stella who responded, "the lord Bishop". I opened the door as Stella led him in and took her leave. I couldn't look at his face because I knew I was in for something dirty. He sat on the bed as he opened his bag and brought out a bottle water and stretched it to me, "take drink, this is the blood of my new covenant that was shed for you". I know I normally hear this quotation whenever our pastor wants to serve us holy communion in church. I took the water and drank as he instructed. The next thing, he pulled of his clothes and was standing before me stark naked.

To be continued.....

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Thursday, 17 May 2018


DEAR GREAT AND MARVELOUS FATHER, I Thank You for calling me to the realm of the God-kind; my fellowship is with the father and with his Son Jesus Christ(1Cor5:17).

I declare that I'm a king/Queen;My lips are always filled with praises to the king of kings-its my culture to sing and dance(Ps98:4)!

I'm aligned to God's will.

Glory to God in Jesus'name

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

IMPREGNATE ME OR I DIE A Story By Ayodele Adeoye Part Nine

'Sir, this is the woman I told you about on phone, she has been married for a year without a child. Please kindly help her like you did for me sir.' Iya ibeji pleaded with prophet David. 'Have you told her the terms and conditions?' 'No sir, but I know she will cooperate because she needs a child desperately. I will excuse you now with her for further counseling.' Iya ibeji stood up and was leaving me and prophet David alone in the room. I became afraid as she closed the door behind her. No prayers, no quoting of Bible, nothing religious at all.

'Madam do you want to carry your baby or not?' He repeated same question Iya ibeji asked me as we entered the hotel. 'Yes sir I want to carry my baby,' I replied with fear all over me. 'How do you want it, a male or female, twins or triplets?' I didn't know the conditions but I quickly said triplets. 'That's good madam, give me your hand.' I stretched out my hands towards him and he looked at my palm like a man reading something on it. After two minutes he released my hand and went back to his seat. Triplet is N600,000 with three weeks prayer camping. When you are ready you can inform iya ibeji. 'You may go,' he said. I took my bag and left his office in hurry to join Iya ibeji at the reception. 'How did it go?' She asked me. 'Ma, I thought you said we are coming to see a prophet? This man in there is not a prophet of God. I didn't see any Bible on his table neither did he offer a word of prayer. He charged me N600,000 for triplet with three weeks prayer camping. Ma, I doubt if I am interested, I am a Christian and I can't do anything ungodly because I want children. I will wait on God, his time is the best.'

Where on earth will I get N600,000 when I have not started working? There's no way I can ask even N100,000 from my husband without him investigating what I want to use it for. If I have to lie to him it must be a well planned lie. But I am a Christian, I can't pay N600,000 just to have baby.'

But how long will I wait for God? In my tears I told God to prove himself within three months or else I will give prophet David's proposal a trial. "If you are God and you don't want me to go back to prophet David you must answer me within three months." I gave God ultimatum. I became a chronic liar as I had to tell my husband many lies to cover up my visit to prophet David Evans. My husband must not know I visited a prophet without his consent, it will be a serious issue if he knows. My thoughts were divided, should I consider prophet David's proposal or not?

One month came and passed nothing happened. I made life really difficult for my husband within this time. His fasting lifestyle became a big challenge in the home. I became worried for the fasting because he was getting leaner and he began to lose interest in the bedroom. This became our major reason for quarrel daily. This night you must break this fasting, my ovulation starts today and I can't let you continue the fast and let my ovulation time pass. 'Sweet heart, why haven't you conceived all this time you have been observing your ovulation period? Let's deal with the root cause, the Bible says this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer, he quoted. I wasn't interested in the scripture he's quoting, I wanted to maximize this time because the ultimatum I gave to God will elapse next month.

Iya ibeji did not allow me to breath since our visit to prophet David. 'You don't have to wait for three years like I waited when you have solution to your problem at the tip of your finger. All those you wedded around the same time are all carrying their babies except you. Will you wait until you get frustrated by your husband's people? You better make hay while the sun shines,' Iya ibeji encourage me. Her words penetrated me even to my marrows, "all those you wedded around the same time are all carrying their babies except you". These words echoed in my ears now and then.

The three months ultimatum I gave to God elapsed and I was still not pregnant. Obviously God wanted me to go for prophet David's proposal. But why me? Why do I have to go through this? What's my sin before God? What is my reward for serving him all these years? Why will God abandoned me this much? Where are his promises? How do I raise N600,000? What will I be doing for three weeks camping with prophet David, I know for sure it isn't going to be prayer. I picked my phone and scrolled through iya ibeji's number. 'Good evening iya ibeji......'

Do you think Maryam will accept Prophet David's proposal?

Part Ten is on the way.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


DEAR PRECIOUS AND SWEET FATHER, I Thank you for blessing me irreversibly and causing great things to happen now, which will affect my future positively(Gen12:1-2)!

The Knowledge of the Love of God is separating me unto good works and my heart is set to receive all that is of his glory(Phil1:11)!

I'm a global giant in Jesus'name

Monday, 14 May 2018

IMPREGNATE ME OR I DIE A Story By Ayodele Adeoye Part Eight

My infection had gone bad at this time, with whitish and creamy fluid coming out of my private. I knew I had no option this time other than to submit myself for treatment. The drugs were intimidating and horrible but I didn't have any other choice than to complete the dose. I took the drugs in pain and bitterness. After two weeks I was asked to go for scanning to know the level of my responsiveness to treatment. The doctor wasn't satisfied with my condition so he placed me on another two weeks heavy treatment. Those times were close to hell for me. One whole month of swallowing pills and heavy antibiotics.

I became jealous of Sally as her pregnancy advanced by the day while I was battling with an infection. Three months later nothing happened, all my attempts to get pregnant never materialized. I became tired of life and wish I could just die. My inability to conceive turned into a nightmare. My husband had grown leaned for too much of sex yet I was not pregnant for once. I made a lot of research on Google and other fertility websites all to no avail. I forced my husband to see a specialist on my inability to conceive but I was advised to calm down and that I had no need to worry until after one year. One year looked like ten years. I can't wait for one year, I told myself. I must be pregnant next month by all means.

My phone rang while I was in the bathroom twice. When I came out to check my caller, it
was Sally. I called back, "hello Sally,' 'hello Maryam', she greeted back. 'I called to inform you that I was delivered of a baby boy yesterday,' she said. I managed to congratulate her, I faked happiness but I was not happy deep inside of me. After we ended the conversation my body system changed immediately. Many evil thoughts took hold of me. My friend who we thought will not be able to get pregnant is now a mother, Maryam the holy virgin cannot achieve one day pregnancy. It was useless keeping my virginity all these years. I should have enjoyed myself like Sally did. All the years of denial were needless after all.

My husband came back from work that day with a news of promotion in his office. He was so excited about it but I  was indifferent, neither did I show any sign of happiness. "Sweet heart, you didn't even congratulate me for my new promotion,' he queried. 'Why should I congratulate you? Other men are impregnating their wives you, you are bringing promotion letter to the house. I want positive pregnancy test result in a white envelope not a promotion letter in a brown envelope.' His countenance suddenly changed from good to bad. He just quietly left me in the sitting room to the bedroom. I went after him and screamed at the top of my voice, 'impregnate me or I die! Strong and real men give their wives children. My husband did not alter a word and that made it painful. I moved closed to him, held his cloth as if he was owing me money. 'If you are man enough make me pregnant now,' he held me and said in a calm tune, "God makes all things beautiful in his own time".

Our marriage will soon be one year and I have not been seen with pregnancy. I no longer attended church regularly for shame and unnecessary questioning from church members. In fact, I began to hate those prayers people do whenever they see me. Those prayers makes everyone know you are waiting on the Lord for fruit of the womb. I started avoiding some women in church for the embarrassment from their so called prayers and wishes. This continued until I met with mama ibeji, they call her mama ibeji because she had a set of twins. She walked up to me after Sunday service, 'Mrs Omeiza how are you?' 'I am fine ma'am', I replied. 'Can I have a chat with you? Yes ma'am.' I already knew she was going to talk about conception because she's one of those zealous women who will not mind their business in church. I just wanted her to say what she wanted to say so I can go. 'I know what you are going through Mrs Omeiza  because I was there too. I waited three years after our wedding before God answered me.' I didn't know she waited that long anyway before having her children. She told me about a pastor in Abaji who God has been using to answer the prayer of waiting mothers. She promised to take me there if I was willing. Why won't I be willing? I want to carry my baby too.

How to tell my husband I want to go and see a prophet over conception is a big problem. He will never subscribe to that idea because he is a man of faith. I started thinking of lies and immediately I thought of telling him I want to go and see my mom. I got it all planned out with Iya ibeji and we took off to Abaji the following day. When we got to Abaji I was expecting Iya ibeji to take me to a church since we were going to see a prophet but I was shocked to my bones when we got into the hotel and iya ibeji bought a ticket in my name at the reception. I summoned courage to asked her, "ma I thought you said we are coming to see a prophet, why are we here in a hotel? Do you want to carry your baby or not? She asked me as she looked through my eyes. Of course I want to carry my baby. So I replied, 'I want to carry my baby.' It seems a section of the hotel have been leased to prophet David Evans for this work. We got to the section and met two other women on the waiting queue. We sat down and waited for our turn. When we got in, I was expecting to see a man on suit with a Bible on his table and probably a bottle of anointing oil but that was far from it. Rather I saw a funky man with a well furnished office surrounded with beautiful electronic gadgets. This man can't be a prophet, I thought within me.

What do you think Maryam is into? Let's see in part nine.

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