Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Secret Place – The place of Prayers and of Knees and of Worship by Abalaka Eneojo Paul

Trust your day is going productively.

Over the past few weeks, God has been exposing us to the nitty-gritties of the secret place and we believe today would not be different.

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. – Psalms 91:1

When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. —Matthew 6:6

The scripture above describes the secret place of the Most High as a place to dwell, a place to customarily retire to and live, the scripture also describes the secret place as the dwelling place of our Father; the secret place is the place where we connect with the Father, He dwells I the secret place and sees all who are in the secret.

It is in the secret place we are taught how to pray in all honesty, absolutely, nakedly and fervently and not in the gathering of believers, prayers in the secret place are always without pretence or self’s agenda.

This is not first a call for a power-seeking prayers as obtainable in the Body nor is it a call for the public hypocritical display of self- righteous loaded prayers of the Pharisees, this is a call to the secret place where no one else is available save the Father of all. God has not only called you and I to wrought signs and wonders, God is calling us to a lifestyle of deep intimacy.

Until you are a consistent dweller in and of the secret place, you would never be marked with the imprint of God’s presence. The secret place is the furnace where we are forged for the strong finishing of our assignment, the place where we take hold of our victories – all victory in battles are won in the secret place, this place is called the STRATEGY ROOM, it is the health victories of this room that translate into victories in the battle field. Battles are not won in the battle ground but secretly in the strategy room.

This is where we negotiate our needs with God. My mentor Mr Shedrach James would always say “Needs are met on the knees in the place of prayers”. The presence of a believer is felt in the place of the knees. Your presence must be known in the secret place, you must have a stand before God in the secret place before you can have a stand before men in the public.

"When your lifestyle in the secret is different from your public lifestyle, there is a conflict of interest" as your secret place interests would continually be against your public-life interests, this results in you not having any audacity in the Supreme Court of Heaven.

You have Heaven’s backing when your secret place life of prayer is alive and healthy.

Your effectiveness in life, career, ministry and your destiny is tied to the health of your secret place lifestyle. You have to have an established secret place lifestyle with God, everything we will ever need for life and destiny are available if and only if we would dare to keep our secret place lifestyle of intimacy with God alive.

The secret place is the cure for prayerlessness.
It is not possible to be a dweller in the secret place and be Prayer-less. Prayerlessness is a sin [see 1 Sam. 12:23].

Since the secret place cures prayerlessness and prayerlessness is sin, it suffices to say that if you ignore the secret place, your prayer life is questionable and you are in sin.

The Father is in the secret place waiting for you, ignoring Him is dishonour for God.

The secret place demands total aloneness with God. Being alone with God removes the chances of praying for show, your spiritual senses are sharpened to hear God in the secret place. Like scriptural Hannah, go back to the secret place.

The secret place demands shutting the door – to all the affairs of life, to all distractions, shutting the door against your mind from wandering.

Worship is at its highest when it overflows from your spirit. The secret place affords the opportunity for your heart to long for the warmth of God’s embrace through worship.

Worship in the secret place is the highest form of intercourse with the Father. Men of the secret place have one thing in common – they birth songs directly from the heart and throne of God touching and changing lives 'transgenerationally'.

I pray for you today for the impartation of the spirit of prayer: “And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications” - Zechariah 12:10 become life and spirit to you.

I pray for you, that the secret place would be to you the sweetest place on earth, that the passion and eagerness to be in the secret place of the Lord would consume you. Amen.

Abalaka Eneojo Paul

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