Sunday, 12 February 2017

Understanding your woman part 1

Thinking about the recent celebrity couple break ups, makes me wonder what the real issue could be.

You must know that courting a woman, no matter how long before walking her down the aisle doesn't guarantee your time to relax.

It is the beginning of a lifetime school of woman behavioural studies, which you must diligently commit yourself if you really want to have a blissful married life, without having to worry about a rising blood pressure. (mind you, I'm talking about computer age women).

And that's why I've decided to take out time to put you through. This is going to be coming in series as the Spirit leads, so you won't have to be reading epistles.

Starting with this...

1. I want you to accept the fact that all women are different.

There are sporty women, geeky women, fun-loving
women, artistic women, ambitious women, and more.

Each woman has her own personality and goals; so, please, do not generalize,cos it could be dangerous.

Example : Don't mistake one woman's behavior as a universal
female characteristic. Just because your sister doesn't
like sports doesn't mean that your new girlfriend

2. I think it is important you get to learn about her past, ask her about her family, and what her childhood was like. We are influenced to
some degree by the way we were brought up.

Learning these things will teach you a great deal about any woman.

But please, don't press her about these topics, as they can be
touchy. So if she doesn't want to talk about it, just let it be.

3. Observe her. The best way to understand somebody,
male or female, is to spend time with them and observe
their patterns of behavior. Doing so will teach you things
like what upsets her, what excites her, what annoys her, and
so on.

# As a woman, I tell you, we sometimes feign being upset just to see if you will notice and at least ask what the issue could be.

But sweetie, after asking, if you get the "nothing"  response, just take it like that, as that is the truth, except you want us to lie or use the opportunity to open up to you about something you did a long time ago that really annoying.

#.  When on a Sunday morning, your woman keeps hissing and throwing all her nice clothes on the bed, not being able to decide on what to wear, or complaining she doesn't have what to wear when she has over flowing boxes.

My dear, she is only trying to tell you or give you the sign that you need to surprise her soonest with a lovely dress, not even necessarily necessarily you giving her money to do so herself.

Note: have it at the back of your mind, that you'd probably spend the rest of your life trying to understand a woman.

Hope I didn't waste your time

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