Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Get in here pals, our own Eneojo Paul Abalaka has dropped another piece -Choice – The powerful package from our Creator.

“Isn’t it amazing how thfailure cision you make today are creating your future? Live deliberately” – MH Gideon.

God created you and I and gave us the powerful package of choice and of decision making, God gave His sixth day creation which includes your free will.

 It was clear from the beginning that man was vested with the power to choose everything save the tree of knowledge of good and evil which was at the center of the Garden of Eden.

God already gave us the power of choice and of freewill, he will never impose His own choice, He will only make recommendations based on what’s best for us.

I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live. Deut. 30:19 [AMP]
…choose for yourselves this day who you will serve, … Joshua 24:15 [AMP].

The power of choice and of decision making is a gift from God, this gift can either make us great as in the case of Daniel, Joseph and Abraham or destroy us bringing our destinies to an abrupt end as in the case of Samson and Judas who chose the wrong path of life.

One thing remains constant: the quality of your life is a direct image of the choices and decisions made. Your rise and fall in life and destiny is hanging on the shoulders of your decisions and personal choices.

Your decision are manifested in your choices. The type of person is manifested by the type of choices you make, who you really are, is shown not by your fluency in written and spoken English, not by your material possessions and abilities – who you really are is shown by your choices.

If you are a failure, you will always tend toward failed and failure spinning choices and decisions. It is not possible to make wrong choices and end at the right destiny.

Your decisions/choices are very important as they are seeds sown which will yield bountiful harvest in the future. Your choices today should be such that will fashion a wholesome future for you.

Your decisions today are blocks, been laid up to build your future.

The consequence of your life is a direct offshoot of your choices today, whether the right or wrong choice, you cannot escape the consequences. Your life is either wasted or invested by the choice and decisions you make.

Since our whole life is a band of choices, every decision taken per time must be seen as the most important decision in life. High importance must be attached to every decision taken per time.

This will largely reduce the chances of making the wrong choices.

Tony Robbins asserted that “It is in the moment of your decision that your destiny is shaped”. The shape of your destiny depends on the perimeter of you decision.

Where decision has not been made, resources needed for the fulfillment of destiny will not be released, it is your decision that would determine the release of graces either for fulfillment or abortion of your destiny.

“Daniel determined that he would not defile himself with the king’s food or with the wine he drank. So he asked permission from the chief official not to defile himself. God had granted Daniel favor and compassion from the chief official” – Dan. 1:8-9

It was Daniel’s decision that resulted in God causing him to be favoured and compassionately treated by the chief official.

Your decisions always attract either support from heaven or confrontation from heaven. Consignments are always released to anyone who would dare decide on his assignment.

When you make up your mind about something, every other elements would follow the intentions of the mind – the mind controls the outcome of everything.

In everyone is the tenacity to do anything – the only challenge is the decision to do. Tenacity is correctly channeled by the correct decision.

Decision is not decision until there is an action taken in the direction of your decision.

It is important you know who you are – this will shape your decisions and streamline and reorganize your choices.

Ray Disney is noted to have stated that “it is not hard to make a decision ones you know your values”.

Joseph knew who was, he declined adulterous advances from his boss’ wife; Daniel knew who he was, he decided not to defile himself with the king’s delicacies even though he was of royal descent; Abraham knew who he was, he willingly gave up Isaac to the Lord, Mordecai knew his values, he would never bow to Haman; the list is endless…

My question for you is:



It is unfortunate that many in this time and season cannot make decision by themselves, many decisions are controlled by parents, peers, TV and social media society and circles, etc.

these ones are not ready for an impactful existence.

There is no impact on earth without the decision to be a person of impact, champions and high-flyers always make the right decisions and choices.

Your decision to abstain from that destructive lifestyle, your decision to forego your desire for a new shirt to buy that new book, your decision to maintain fellowship with the Father might not produce visible results today but like seeds planted your right decisions and choices would yield unimaginable results for you.

Who is the man who reverently fears and worships the Lord? Him shall He teach in the way that he should choose. Psalm 25:12 [AMP]

On our own, we don’t know the right decision to take and the best choice. We only have to connect to the Lord in reverent fear and worship – He would teach and guide us in our choices.

Abalaka Paul E.

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