Friday, 10 March 2017

Here is a summary of what to expect next week on Zeeworld king of hearts

DD is back! And she immediately puts Shabnam in her place.
Raghu tells Pintoo the entire truth and he reveals that he is
actually Siddharth. Question is, for how long can he keep his true
identity from his family?

Simran arrives at DD's house and demands to see Sid aka Raghu.
Alaknanda starts to move her entire body and stops the argument
between DD and Simran. Yash makes his long awaited return.

Shabnam teams up with Simran in order to find out if the man
pretending to be Sid is really Sid. Kritika saves DD from going to
jail again. Shabnam falls for Sid's mind games but she still isn't
completely convinced.

Siddharth realises that he is playing with fire but, still he vows to
trap Shabnam. Sundari comes to live in the Patel home with the
sole purpose of making Shabnam suffer in herown way.

Shabnam checks to see if Raghu has the bullet wound scar or not.
Roshni is under the impression that Raghu is Sid who lost his
memory and she tries her best to make him remember her.

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