Thursday, 8 June 2017


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The two sons.
Facts about the younger son (3)

Last month we began looking at the parable of the lost son.
We began by identifying key things this younger son did that made him the prodigal son and related it to this present age and admonished all to change, should there are traces of these attitudes in our lives.
The first thing he did was to love present (Gifts)  than presence (God) because he said....give me my own.
  The second was that he was always in a hurry, he lacked patience because...... Not many days after, he began a journey.

Today, we shall look at the third thing he did, which is called journey to the FAR Country.
You can't be far from God and go far in life.
I have discovered that proximity with God kills curses, brings mercies and breaks protocol.

By divine standard, Moses was meant to go to hell because there was no account that he offered a sin offering for himself to God. That's why Satan came to drag for his body in Jude 9.....Hallelujah. But his proximity with God broke protocol and gave him divine partiality.

Jesus told peter while they were together that he would deny him three times but Peter doubted the possibility because he was close to him then. But he denied him when he went far from Jesus at his arrest.
Distance from God sponsors sin, poverty and afflictions but proximity with God brings speed, blessings and fulfilment.

Friends, don't forget that the prodigal son suffered all because he went too far from the father.
Psalms 91 began by saying he that dwell in the secret place, not he that's far from the most high.
The best of a man comes from proximity with God.
That's why, you find it difficult to pray or to serve God after sin or when your heart is unrest.
Satan's target was the proximity of man to God in the garden and not fruit.
Satan's target on Samson was for the holy spirit to leave him and not Delilah, that's the basis why David prayed.... Cast me not away from your presence and take not your holy spirit from me just because of sin of immortality. all these are channels satan uses to take you far.
Pls, wherever you are now, return back to God now in prayers, should you are far from him because of sin or any reason.
(Isaiah 1 : 18) Shows God is waiting for you at the place of prayer if you can come.
  Have you lost grace, glory, fire or impact and you are looking for a way out desperately?
Just go down on your knees at the alter of prayer now....God is awaiting you.
The only thing you need do now to get things right again is not attending services, going for counseling or even reading any book now......its to return back to God now in prayers.
What's taken you too far from God today?
Is it phone?...... Drop it
Is it job?.....Quite it
Is it relationship?... End it.
Is it Academics?.... Change course if need be.
Is it ministry?.... Go for a retreat now because souls won't die because of you, they will wait. After all, they waited for moses when he went for 40 years retreat with Jethro, the retreat helped him because he went alone and returned back with a wife, children and anointing.

Don't forget, to gain all and lose your soul is  unprofitable.
Determine to change after reading this and change because Stubbornness and unwillingness to change are the energy of fools.


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