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The two sons.
Facts about the younger son (4)

Last month we began looking at the parable of the lost son.
We began by identifying key things this younger son did that made him the prodigal son and related it to this present age and admonished all to change, should there are traces of these attitudes in our lives.
The first thing he did was to love present (Gifts)  than presence (God) because he said....give me my own.
  The second was that he was always in a hurry, he lacked patience because...... Not many days after, he began a journey.
The third thing was that he was far from the father.....because he  journeyed to the FAR Country.

Today we shall be looking at the fourth thing he did, which is He WASTED HIS POSSESSIONS On Prodigal living.
There is no future for the waster because God himself is against wastage and that's why he has designed this world in a way that wastage doesn't exist because even the waste man pass out in the toilet eventually becomes food for flies, Margots, fishes and even plants.
The only  reason Jesus always ask men to gather the left over after feeding multitudes is that, wastage shouldn't exist.
Never ever agree to spend your last because there is a season after spending all, its called the season of want. Don't forget, he began to be in want and no man gave him nothing.
Why the five virgins appeared wise was because they avoided the tragedy of spending all, that's why they said to the unwise... NOT SO, Le's we both begin to lack at the time we should not.
When time comes, God will always look for those that have to make them relevant.
That's why a little boy became relevant in the wilderness because he was the only one that had what adults needed but lacked. Don't forget, to him that has, more will be given and to him that has not, even what he has shall be collected and given to the one that has....Oh what a mystery!!!
It is the spending all mentality that makes relationship not last because if you know the importance of men in your journey of life, you will value all men by respecting them now.
Samson had this spending all mentality that is why the jawbone of an ass that gave him victory was thrown away, not knowing that God will use it to give him water that will revive his spirit from thirst just shortly after then.
Its this mentality that made Esau bow to Jacob because Jacob had animals at home to kill any time but Esau kept going deeper into the forest because he had depopulated it.
Spending all mentality is why America rules over the world because they have large reserves.
Genesis 8:22 explains that seed time and harvest should not cease on the earth.
The mystery of tithe is to avoid spending all because tithe is the only vehicle that brings back your next miracle of abundance.
Tithe is like the truck that brought the goods, if you hold back the truck, you won't receive next supplies.
Jesus advised us to store up wealth in heaven not earth so that you won't want when you get there.
The only way you will escape spending all now is to put God first now and be a sheep so he can Shepherd you, then you won't want. Psalm 23:1.
Don't be like the prodigal son who spent all on self and not on others, that's why no man gave him anything when he began to suffer because life can't give you what you didn't give it. Sowers are reapers.
Plan all your money to accommodate the following areas;
# Thithe 10%
#Offerings ( Reasonable?
#Prophetic seeds to men of God that blesses you
# parents that gave birth to you
# Welfare to the poor, friends and relatives.
Begin to do this and watch God change you because if you spend your money on Divinity, you can't be stranded when you get to heaven but if you spend your money on humanity, you can't be frustrated as long as you live.
Don't be foolish like the prodigal son friends, Determine to change after reading this and change because Stubbornness and unwillingness to change are the energy of fools.


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