Saturday, 29 July 2017

Introducing my first blog series - " Silenced cry" Episode 1 by Abaprissy

Standing, slightly bent while resting her hands on the dinning table, Ejiro burst into hot tears,remembering the beatings she had received from her husband the previous night. She picked her phone and decided to speak with her mum.

    'hi baby',  the mum said from the other end immediately she had picked the call.

  ' mum... 'Ejiro managed to speak while sobbing

Sensing her daughter was crying, Mrs Ewefa eagerly inquired of her daughter what the problem was
  ' mum, I've had enough, I can't continue in this marriage ' Ejiro said.

Mrs Ewefa, with little relief, already knowing what the problem was, as it wasn't the first time her daughter would call to say she was leaving her husband's house,asked if it was the same old problem.

' He hit you again? ' she asked her daughter

'yes mum, last night, and this time, he went as far as kicking my tummy, knowing fully well I'm pregnant' Ejiro confirmed.

'oh my goodness, that's bad, but dear,  what happened this time? ' Mrs Ewefa asked with concern for her daughter

' because I couldn't make fresh soup, had to serve the same soup from yesterday's dinner; mum, he wouldn't even let me explain myself, he just got angry and started hitting me, forgetting I'm pregnant ' Ejiro narrated to her mum amidst tears.

'sorry baby, but you should have tried to make your husband fresh food, you already know he doesn't eat stale food ' Mrs Ewefa reprimanded, as she won't take any excuse from her daughter to leave Dan who had become their family's breadwinner since her husband, Mr Ewefa retired, and Ejiro's elder brothers were nothing to write home about.

' Ejiro... ' she continued ' please, try to endure and keep being that wife you've always been, and I know that with time and prayers, he'll change  and don't... '

' mum, can I ask you a question? ' Ejiro cuts in, obviously becoming pissed up with her mum

' Sure dear, what is it? ' replied her mum

' has father ever hit you? ' Ejiro asked

' what? God forbid!  He dare not ever even try to raise his hand on me' Mrs Ewefa exclaimed, shocking her daughter; she paused, sensing the tension her response may be causing, she thought to lighten up the mood

'sweetheart, listen to me, men are different; that your father isn't violent to the point of hitting me, doesn't mean he has no shortcomings, and so also is your husband, I know he is a good man. Just try to understand him better because, leaving him is not even an option. He is like our saviour in this family, so we can't avoid to lose him.. '

' stop it mum',  Cuts in  Ejiro, becoming really irritated by her mum's words,  ' I hate it when you talk as if we're dying when he came into our lives ; for crying out loud I'm a graduate of Accountancy, I can work to get my own money...' 

'what money and certificate are you talking about? Mrs Ewefa interrupted 'have you forgotten Dan singlehandedly sponsored your university education from your 2nd year down to the day you hung your boots?

' mum, what is the need for that now, when I can't boast of nothing ' Ejiro stopped to let out those tears once more, remembering how Dan had collected her certificates, saying there was no need for her to work, as he could take care of all her needs. To think she had actually thought he did that out of care and the love he had for her, now she knows better ; Dan had done that with his selfish motive to keep her at home.

'hello... Ejiro, are you still there? ' her mum asked  breaking the silence after what seems like an unending pause

' yes mum' Ejiro answered in between sobs 'to tell you the truth, I now hate to look myself in the mirror, as all it  shows me, is a  sharp contrast of who I used to be' 

'well mum, I think we should talk some other time, as my service provider is already warning me of low call credit '

' oh,  alright baby, do take care of yourself and be a good wife'

'alright mum, regards to dad' Ejiro said and quickly pushed the end button, relieved the conversation had ended. She let out a sign and thought aloud ' my mother will never change, maybe she's waiting to come pick my corpse'

She dropped her phone on the dinning table and went straight into the kitchen to begin preparation of her husband's favourite meal, pounded yam and vegetable soup.

Within an hour, Ejiro was done from the kitchen, she decided to have a quick shower as she expects her husband back home any moment.

She sat on the bed, giving her tummy some gentle strokes, trying to have a feel of her baby (she was about 6months gone),  when she felt his hand on her shoulder ; those hands whose touch would normally have waken the butterflies in her tummy and causing her increased heart rate and blood pressure, consequently sending more blood to her muscles.

But gosh, all she felt now, was cold quiver moving down her Spine, making her think of doing the unthinkable. Only God knows how much she now hates this man.

'hi darling ' her husband greeted

To be continued.... On Wednesday

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