Thursday, 27 July 2017

Thursday inspiration : get inspired with these few success stories

Get inspired with these short and quick inspirational stories of some of the most successful people that can help you know a lot about the
approach required to reach success .

(1) Soichiro Honda : Soichiro Honda is the founder
of the company Honda which is one of the well known large
automotive companies. Honda's story starts when he went for
a job interview to work for the Toyota company. Honda was
rejected and was told that he is not fit for the job!! The man
didn't give up and decided to create a company that competes
with Toyota and so honda was born!! If there is anything we
can learn from this inspiring success story it would be to never
give up.

(2)  Stephen King : Most people know
Stephen king the famous writer but few know about his life
story. Stephen's first novel was rejected almost everywhere it
was submitted to the extent that he threw it in the garbage!! His
wife got the story out of the garbage and insisted that he
submits it again and in the end he became the Stephen king we
know now!! There is a very important lesson you must come
up with from this inspirational success story which is that
rejections should make no sense at all if you believe in

(3) Thomas Edison : Thomas addition's
success story is one of the stories that can motivate anyone
after experiencing failure. Thomas failed about 999 times to
invent the lamp before he succeed in doing it on the 1000th
attempt. When people asked him how did you manage to keep
going even though you were failing all the time he replied
telling them, each time it didn't work i used to say i discovered
a new way how to not invent the lamp. Thomas Edison
success story should make you conclude that failure should
never stop you even if it occurred more than once.

(4)  Oprah Winfrey : One of the inspirational stories
that really motivated me the first time i read about it was the
success story of Oprah. Oprah is one of the most popular TV
icons nowadays and she is also one of the richest women on
our planet but this is not how her story began. Do you know
that Oprah was fired from her job and was told that she was
not fit for TV earlier in her life.

( 5)  Bill Gates : Bill gates the founder of Microsoft is
one of the most inspirational business leaders living these
days but do you know that his idea of creating a computer that
has a graphical interface and a mouse was rejected when he
first submitted it to another company? some people even say
that the papers of the project were thrown in his face!! Now he
became bill gates!!

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