Sunday, 14 May 2017

Today's message : *There are MOG & MFG s* *Men* *Of* *God* & *Men* *From* *God*

I love the introduction of John the baptist

*John 1:6*

_There came *a man sent from God*, whose name was John._

John the Baptist was a man sent from God and not just any other Man of God.

>In other words, he was coming from His presence,
>in other words, he had been with God,
> in other words, he had fellowship with God.

A man of God points out a RELATIONSHIP PART but a man from God brings out the FELLOWSHIP PART.

Get this!  A wife and husband will always be wife and husband, *because of relationship*, but may cease to be lovers or friends if the *fellowship dies*.

It's fellowship with God that matters in effective ministry more than the title. It is how much of Him that is in you that counts in the ministry.

Christ spent most of the time in presence of God, in prayer, in communion with God.

Why did Christ who is a member of Holy Trinity decide to be *a God_seeker?*

The answer is simple it was never about Him but was always about the one who sent Him. It is never about us but Him who sent us.

His presence makes the mission simple. Moses knew it, and said without your presence I am not going anywhere.

> To turn the world upside down, you need his presence not a title. *Acts 17:6*

>For signs and wonders to follow you you need His presence not title. *MARK 16:15:16*

He used to SPEND nights and or more time with God when He came out demons used to screame. But today's MOGs hardly appear before God.

Nowonder, they can spent the whole day chasing demons, doing some spiritual gymnastics.
They get *the son's of Sceva surprise*. For demons know *Men from God~like Paul*walking with God's presence & power. But not moved with titles like *Sons of Sceva~Jewish high priest* walking in the titles and positions but lacking God's presence.


*John 3:30 (ESV)*
_He must increase, but I must decrease._

Men from God radiate more of God than themselves. Their mission is to bring Him who sent them glory.


Today we have many MOGs whose mission is to use God for their own self aggrandizzing. 

God in them has decreased as the titles that glorify man increase.

Some are called *Bishop Reverend Doctor Apostle*. The titles are longer than their names. God have mercy. We need Men from God. Because of experience with heaven, they are humble.

*Paul speaks of a man who went to the third heaven*, with humility he never bragged about that experience. *2Cor 12:2* but some of are too proud and too braggish to be used of God for mighty accomplishments.

For men from God don't use experience for posturing but to the glory of God. Moses spent 40days & nights in his presence, but remained the MEEKNESS MAN UNDER THE SUN.

When you find too much pride in ministry, just because

>You can sing well
>Pray in tongues
>Chase a few demons
>Have few hundreds of followers.

Just know you aren't in constant fellowship with the one who sent you. You could have remained with the title MOG (RELATIONSHIP) but lost FELLOWSHIP with the master. *Draw near to Him once again*, He will revive you.


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