Friday, 12 May 2017

Tonight on Zeeworld's young dreams

Dayal goes to keep the luggage back in the hotel room and order
food for himself and Rachna. A model coordinator comes and
announces which models will be matched with which finalists.
Rachna is excited. Rachna gets matched with a model named
Nidhi Malhotra. She seems to be a bigger name compared to the
other models because her introduction is longer and more
detailed. Nidhi saunters onto the stage. She thinks she’s all that
and God’s answer to beauty and grace (Oh please…Rachna and
Gunjan are both much more beautiful inside and out than this
girl! ) Nidhi is horrified at seeing Rachna. She’s very mean to
Rachna and calls her a “behenji” and joker and publicly says, I
would never wear any designs created by this girl. She tugs on
Rachna’s braid, flings it back, and tells Rachna to get lost. She
threatens to withdraw as a model and the guys in the crowd

*Dayal is pacing the room wondering what’s taking Rachna so
long. He prays that all goes well. Rachna thinks aloud to herself
that Mayank bhaiya was right…these big city people think they
know it all. But I will not back down. She marches up to the
b*t*hy model and the announcer and says I may be from a small
town but my abilities are definitely not small. The announcer
agrees and says Rachna is talented and her designs were the best
among all the finalists. The b*t*hy model and another finalist try to
persuade the announcer to remove Rachna from the contest but
the announcer says it’s up to the jury and she alone cannot decide
anything. She tells them all to go to their rooms and she will get
back to them with a decision. Rachna comes back to her room and
Dayal notices that she’s upset but she doesn’t tell him anything,
she just says she’s tired. Rachna remembers the rude comments
Nidhi made to her and looks sad and worried.

Rachna is tensed and Dayal tells her about an instance when he
failed in school and worked very hard and next time he came first .
Rachna tells him that Gunjan is also doing the right thing .

Someone knocks on the door and its Rachna s model she
apologizes and they patch up . She recalls being told if she does
not team up with Rachna she will be blacklisted and has actually
come to make Rachna s life hell.

Mayank tries to cheer Gunjan up and he succeeds Gunjan tells that
problems remain problems till we dont get a solution. On the
dining table an argument breaks between Seema and Gunjan
.Seema wants her not to blow the trumpet about the molest
attempt on her and wants her to stay at home. She tells her that a
change in society wont come because of nari shakti speeches.

Gunjan leaves the table saying she wants this and Maynak
follows. She opens her laptop and types what she had written was
a result of what happened to her and she tells them to hit like if
they are ready to take action against the wrong doers Mayank
supports her and Seema overhears and feels that she will ruin her
name. Mayan hug. Seema wants Prabhu to talk to Gunjan but he
supports her. She says that she does not dress properly and tells
him to think why that happened with her. Prabhu defends Gunjan.

In the competition it is announced they are noy judging fashion
sense but creativity and the theme is “When East Meets West ” and
are given a schedule to follow. Rachna is a little disturbed hearing
girls ready to spend 50000. Shayl is remembering happy moments
of Gunjan and Rachna and wants god to bless them so that they do
big things in life.

All the girls go for shopping, and talks about how much money,
they are going to spend, Rachna is worried, a girl comes and
meets her if she is going shopping and Rachna goes. She meets
Dayal and they both going to shop for materials and Nidhi, the girl
offers them a drop in her car, they leave and Nidhi tells the driver if
he knows what to do, he says yes. Nidhi then says that Rachna
will always remember this favour.

At home Mayank ask Seema if she saw Rachna, Seema starts
saying if she is not home again and starts badmouthing Gunjan.
Mayank tells her Gunjan can never do anything wrong. Seema
keeps quarreling about Gunjan and Mayank’s job. But Mayank
tells her he got the job!

Rachna is in a line, some guys come behind her and says she has
no shame and stuff. Gunjan hears and turns around and starts
giving them a speech about women who are victims and stuff and
about women rights. Everybody in the line starts clapping for her,
the photocopying man also claps for her and offers her free
photocopying but she refuses. Then one of the boys comes and
aks for sorry, everybody around says they support her and take a
copy of her Surviour or Victim movement paper.

Rachna and Dayal are on their way to the market while Gunjan is
sharing out copies of her movement to people. Dayal tells the
driver to stop the car and he and Rachna comes out of the car!
Rachna calls Gunjan and tells her the situation she is in. Gunjan
calls Mayur, a boy from Delhi and gets him to help Rachna find her
way. Nidhi calls Rachna and tells her everybody has reached
already, Rachna tells her she will reach soon.

Rachna buys all her materials and worries about the money but
Dayal tells her not to worry. Everybody has already starting
designing and sewing, a lady comes and finds Rachna missing
and makes an announcement for Rachna to come.

Apparently,Dayal is sick but he tells Rachna to hurry and go.
Dayal collapses on the floor. Rachna prays to Lord Ganesh and
begins to work.

Some guys come and help Dayal stand up and tells them not to tell
Rachna, Nidhi sees and decides to go tell Rachna.
At home, Shail comes and ask Seema where Gunjan is, Seema
says she doesn’t know and it’s nothing new. The door bell rings
and Seema goes and sees a lot of women standing outside their
house looking for Gunjan. They tell Seema that they are
supporting Gunjan and everybody should have a DIL like her.

Shail comes and ask what is going on.

Dayal is by a doctor, Dayal has high fever and the doctor says to
keep his phone on silent not to disturb him. Nidhi writes a letter to
Rachna to inform her about her father and send it. Rachna is
working hard while a girl intentionally throws a bottle of water on
Rachna’s work.

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