Tuesday, 9 May 2017


I like you to understand that the essence of Christianity that sprang forth from the birth, death, burial and ascension of Christ was for man to return back to God the father. This was seen clearly in John 3 : 16. Since man fell from Genesis 3, all God has been doing is preparation of programs that can help man return back to originality. This is the reason for Christianity today, because Christianity was not there in the beginning. In summary, returning to the father is the totality of Christianity. We shall be looking at the story of the prodigal son as a series, beginning from this Sunday till we eventually explore all the spirit wills for us in this season. This will take us weeks because, we are taking a detailed analysis of the entire action of the prodigal son and we will be looking at it all by creating a weekly sub topics under the main topic of " WHY NOT RETURN TO THE FATHER?

(Luke 15 : 11- 32)

Sub Topic :
(Luke 15 : 11 - 12)

The Bible began by saying a certain man had two sons. This man can be viewed as God from the point of revelation. Every human on this plannet must surely fall under one of the sons. Its either you are in the category of the elder or the younger by life style. However, we will look at the younger son first.
The first thing he said was father, Give me my own inheritance. There are lessons to learn from there, so we can know if we fall into his category.

(1) He loved the father's present than the father's presence.
He was in his father's house (Presence) but wanted the present ( Inheritance).
He was to collect it and go not stay.
He never thought of what should happen or if the system will collapse in his absence, all he wanted was self.
He loved the father's property than the father's priority.
He was interested in what the father could do or give him than his kingdom service.
Today, people only remember God in times of marriage, politics, academics and breakthroughs, but after which they run back from God. Some gain breakthroughs and become too busy for God at the end.

# If you are a lover of Good than God, his present than his presence... Pls repent now and treasure God above things because, it may land you in shame of degradation by eating with pigs ( low life) and it may demote you ( Servants living better than son) but in the name that is above every other name, that won't be your portion in Jesus name.
Friends... Value God's presence than anything and you will end up having everything.
(Mat 6 : 33)

We will continue this next Sunday....till then..value his presence.

   Pst. Michael Great

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