Monday, 1 May 2017

Happy new month fam!!! Start your day with this message from Pst Mike-great : WHAT'S THE  MEANING OF LIFE?

Life is actually a gift given by God to all living.... Be it good, bad, ugly or animals.
Since it's a gift, it must be used to the pleasure of the giver (God). However, we must know the basic facts of life, so it can help us live life to the pleasure of the giver.

     (James 4 : 14)

# Life is short
This means, no matter how old you live on the earth, it's nothing compared to eternity.
# Life is determined by time.
You must know that "Time and chance  happens to us all". So, you need not be under pressure to out do, compete or break another man's record.
What you don't have now does not mean you can't have or you won't have.
# Life is determined by what you sow.
Every thing on earth came to be by the seed of the WORD and that's why givers can't lack, man was made by the seed of the dust, woman was made by the seed of man's rib. And at the end of time, eternity in heaven will be determined by the seed you have chosen to sow with your life now. Each Day's actions, imaginations and declarations are seeds. Always know that you won't gain from life more than you have sown to life.


Always know that you are alive because you obtained God's love and that's why he has kept you till now, so you can extend this same love of God to the lost and reconcile them to God.

Lovers don't die because even if they die, they still live on, simply because they have generated fruits. Jesus is now in heaven but still lives in us today because of the love he shared. That's why the Bible says He that hates is brother is a murderer. Not to love is not to have a future.

  (Prov 10 : 12)
The cure to sin is love and not discipline.
The easiest way to the anointing is love.
If You want more....Love more.
Just stop expecting men to be perfect and expect them to wrong you, it will help you forgive ahead.
Friends, life is short  But if you embrace love, you will walk stress Free. Avoid pride....pride focuses on who is right but humility focuses on what is right.

I trust you won't remain the same even as May begins today.....Happy May. I love you all.

I expect to hear from you on the impact of this message.

    Pst. Michael Great

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