Saturday, 6 May 2017

He gave up and turned to drugs and alcohol

As a young girl growing up, I had a crush on this sweet smart kid from the famous 'Home alone'  movie.

Recently, I decided to check out how far with him now, I didn't even know his name ; I just entered "the child star of the home alone movie"  and guess what,  what  I saw and read of him broke my heart.

The summary is, he lost his popularity and all contracts as soon as
he got older.

Financial problems and let's say the pain of being neglected, set him in a deep depression.

He decided to turn to drugs and alcohol and these became his only friends for long.

I think he is trying to put his life together again, as below is what his addiction turned him in to.

His name is Macaulay Culkin.

And I pray God helps him.

Let’s say NO to Drugs and alcohol. 

 And please, no matter the matter, never you ever give up on your dreams. 


Abaprissy signing out...

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