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7 QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED BEFORE YOU SOW SEEDS (The mystery behind sowing without reaping). By Pst Mike-great

We are in the world and system that God himself programmed that there must be a time to sow and a time to harvest. Yes its clear that no prayer can make u rich but only sacrifice. Even papa Abraham became blessed fully after offering Isaac in Genesis 22 : 15 - 17. No matter who you are and what you know, if you don't understand this principle of sowing and reaping season, you may be lost out of God's blessings per time..... However the big question is, many people have Been sowing seeds but have never reaped, some have concluded that the ministers or ministries that received the seeds are not anointed, some have determined never to sow again. I feel in my spirit that even  in this season of recession, sacrifice is the way out but if you don't understand this questions and answer them correctly, sacrifices without reaping will continue. But in the name that is above every other name..... Jesus the Christ, I decree you will never so in error again.

(1)Am I free from every offence?
(Mathew 5 : 23 - 24)
It does not matter how huge your seed may be, you can't have issues with people and are yet to be resolved and you go to sow. It may not give u harvest at all or if you see any result, its based on mercy. You can't have marriage crisis at home and you are coming to sow, you can't break some ones heart and while unresolved, you are sowing seeds. Pls check around, you will realise that why you haven't reap is because you didn't sow in a fault free atmosphere of the heart and spirit. Jesus himself gave this instruction and not just a suggestion to make peace before sowing.

(2) Am I giving God my best, or the rest?
(Genesis 4 : 3 - 5)
The first time people sowed seed in the Bible, God had respect for the man that brought his best than the man who brought the rest. This explains why Jesus respected the widow in the temple than the rich political figures who all sowed. Pls even as you sow next, let it be clear that God is first and deserves best of yours.

(3)  Does my sacrifice cost me anything?
(2 samuel 24 : 22 - 24)
Don't ever borrow to sow, don't allow any sow on your behalf. David was a man after God's heart, he must have been told this by God. A man gave him offering to use in a service but he said offering is best if it's from you....Hallelujah. Kenneth Copeland was in a service many years ago, when he never had offering to give, he removed a button from his shirt and sowed in the offering box. If God is leading you to sow, pick from what you have no matter how it is and sow, don't expect some one to bless you before you sow. Some how, this is how it works.

(4) Do I have counsel from the holy ghost?
(John 14 : 26)
The holy ghost is to teach you ALL THINGS Including where to sow, how to sow, when to sow and to whom to sow. If the holy ghost is not the root of the sowing, he won't guarantee the fruits... Hallelujah. So rely on the spirit in sowing.

(5) What is the source of the wealth or seed?
(Psalm 11 : 3)
If the foundation for getting the wealth is on duping, cheating, stealing, prostitution, drugs or even political siphoning of funds etc. It will never produce. God love sacrifice but why did he purnish Saul for wanting to sacrifice to God from the Fat animals of the nation God asked him to destroy? Any minister who receives seed without finding out the source, is an unfertile ground because even if you sow, you won't reap it because Gods word can't be broken.

(6) Are my hands clean? (Holiness)
(Haggai 2 : 13)
The truth is, a sinner who brings a seed without first reconciling with God won't reap. How can an armed robber, prostitute, political thief etc come with a fat envelope without making peace with God and expecting harvest? NO WAY.
I believe that is why Elisha rejected the gift from Naman because he made the wealth while he was still unclean. No wonder he asked gheazi saying is it time to receive gifts? (2 king 5 : 26) I believe Elisha would have received seed latter from naaman in future because at a point he received seeds in shunem a chapter before this...Hallelujah.

(7) Am I cheerful about this seed am sowing?
( 2 core 9 : 7)
God likes sacrifice but if you are not cheerful about it, he won't make it prosper. The reason why we don't reap at times is because we feel we are helping the pastor by sowing, so after sowing and the pastor provokes u, you begin to remember your seed and you are angry. You won't reap because you are not cheerful about it. Even at the point of sowing, if you are not joyful but stressful, you won't reap. You must know that without joy, you can't draw out of the well of salvation that produces the power to make wealth.
(Isaiah 12 : 3)
(Deuteronomy 8 : 18).
Learn to be cheerful before you sow, while you sow and even after you sow. It will produce for you.... Jesus name.
Put this to work and I assure you, your harvest season will surface.

I will like to hear from you after now because am sure it will land you into your long awaited season of harvest.

     Pst. Michael Great

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