Thursday, 27 April 2017

Tonight on Zeeworld twist of fate

Aaliya calls Raj up and asks where he was? Raj tells that he is in
Abhi’s office to get his work done. Aaliya informs him that Pragya
has returned home and has created a big scene at the house and
asks him to reach soon.

Raj tells that he has to do something to Pragya. On the other hand, Abhi questions Pragya as to why is she doing all this and turn against his family and why did she play with his emotions. Pragya tells Abhi that she was acting all these days and that she planned everything very cleverly and took his signature.

She adds that when everyone was thinking that she was doing a big sacrifice but only she knew what she is taking from this house. Abhi feels disgusted and says he was suffering here, but she was scheming against him and his family.

Pragya says she was doing drama then and now what she is showing is her real face and that Pragya is the one who gets her work done by
others. She adds that she is the owner of this house from now. She
makes it clear to everyone. Daadi looks on shocked.

Meanwhile, Sarla and Bulbul reach Abhi's home but Sarla refuses
to enter. Beeji forced Sarla to go inside Mehra house. They enter
and see the family member standing shockingly. Pragya turns to
say something and is shocked to see her family.

Sarla sees Pragya in a new avatar and hugs her asking where did she go leaving her but Pragya does not respond. Bulbul asks where where did she go and how did she come so suddenly.

Sarla asks how can she change so much. Soon, Aaliya says to Sarla that her daughter has changed completely and not only in style. She
adds that she is Pragya Arora who has now become the owner of
this house and all the properties that Abhi owns, through a bad
plot after betraying them. Sarla refuses to believe Aaliya and asks
Pragya to come.

Pragya refuses to come and tells her mother that Aaliya is right.
She says this house is her and she will decide who will stay here.
Sarla reminds her that she is her mother and knows her well as
she never ran away after money and luxury.

She can never think like this and asks why is she acting. Pragya replies to her that she need this and was fed up of her old life. Bulbul asks her the same but Pragya asks her to take her mother home else she will be in pained.

Sarla refuses to go home and that she will see to which extent she can go. Pragya agrees that no one is confused about her ownership.

Tanu tells her that she was innocent before and asks why is she betraying them now. Pragya says she has to settle scores with everyone. Aaliya then tells her she will settle scores with her and will send her to Jail, else her name is not Aaliya Mehra.

Pragya tells Aaliya that she can just put accusation on her and
can’t prove anything. Raj comes there. Aaliya shows him the
papers and asks him to kick her out of the house. Raj tells her that
Pragya’s name is everywhere in the papers and asks to talk with
calm mind. He apologizes to Pragya on behalf of Aaliya.

And says he will get the papers checked by their lawyer and if it is
genuine then they will agree. Pragya agrees and asks Robin to
keep her stuff in her room and adds that no one should disturb

Pragya is in her room and thinks of Abhi and Daadi’s words. She
gets emotional and hugs Abhi’s photo. Maina Dil Ka Haal
Sunawa……………Tu Meri Jaan Hain song plays in the background.

Aaliya comes to Raj’s room and asks what was that nonsense
about? Raj says sometime they have to shake hands with enemies
to weigh her strength. He asks her not to do anything until he asks
her. Aaliya asks what will happen if the lawyer confirms the papers to be true. Raj says the game will be interesting.

Pragya’s heart wrenches for behaving arrogantly with Abhi and
everyone. She cries and apologizes to his picture that she have to
find out about the person supporting Aaliya and also have to
expose Tanu.

She thinks if she tells Abhi about Aaliya betraying him, then Aaliya will put the blame on Purabh and that Tanu has already made fake reports. She tells that she have to save him from his enemies and she will not step back if she have to act to be his enemy and that she miss him and this room very much.

Everything will be fine. She says she felt good when he hug her
and everything will be fine. Yaariyan song plays in the

Tanu meets Abhi filling his ears against Pragya. She says she is
so clever and snatched his property. She asks him how can he
stay silent after getting big betrayal from her. She asks him to talk
to Pragya and throw her out of the house. She tells him they will
file case against her, will gather his fans, media and inform them
about Pragya doings.

She asks him to reply. Abhi tells Tanu that he would not let anyone take his property. Tanu who loves Abhi’s money and thinks that if Pragya take everything from Abhi then how she will manage her life style. She hopes Abhi do something else her luxury life will just remain a dream. She thinks if Pragya is money minded or is just acting.

Later, the lawyers visit Abhi's house, Abhi comes to the hall and looks at Pragya. Pragya too looks at him. Meanwhile, the lawyers check the property papers and and the signatures on them.

The lawyers inform Abhi’s that according to the papers, all these properties, money, assets and even Abhishek Mehra clothes do belong to Pragya Arora and these signatures are correct as well and that no one can spend a penny without her permission.

Pragya asks Robin to drop the lawyers till the car. Pragya says
she told that this family has a habit to waste time. She then tells
that she now would lay certain rules that the people would
have to follow else they will be punished.

She tells Abhi the rockstar, that his brand name is also hers now and she will decide which project she will take? He can’t compose any song without her permission else she will take him to court. Soon, Abhi speaks up that it means everything is hers and she will decide his career.

He speaks against her argument and decline from following
Pragya's order and that he will not let her control him by saying I,
Abhishek Mehra refuses to obey her, and tells that he would leave
the house now and would only return once she leave the house. He
asks her to show the strength and control him. Everyone looks on
tensedly. Abhi walks out of the house.

Pragya is teary eyed. Tanu tells Daadi, this is her favourite daughter in-law and she is silently standing even now and didn’t tell Pragya anything. She is not surprised as she know her. She asks Daadi to call Abhi and throw Pragya out. Pragya feigns smile. Daadi agrees with Tani that she is right.

She is betraying them and this is the result of of their over pampering and love. She asks Pragya why she took illegal advantage of their love. Daasi asks if she don’t have any shame doing this? She adds that they did a mistake by loving and trusting her and that she can’t be at peace and will get their curses. She asks why did she do this? Abhi would have given her everything if she would have asked him.

Pragya says she don’t want to give any justification, she didn’t
throw Abhi out and he went with his own wish and that Abhi will
return else she will bring him forcibly. She asks them to continue
crying and later she will inform them about the do’s of the rules.

Sarla, Bulbul and Purabh are shocked. Mitali thinks if she is Pragya or someone else. She says Pragya put hole in the plate in which she had food. Pammi tells that middle class people can’t digest the ghee. Daasi asks Daadi, why did Pragya do this for money. Daadi says she don’t know what is happening and that she is tensed.

Pammi tells Daadi that she have given Pragya a chance to loot her and she didn’t even trust her or Mitali. Mitali says Pragya has bankrupt them because of their family members.

Sarla couldn’t believe that she was Pragya or someone else. She
tells Daadi that she didn’t know and can’t believe that she is her
daughter. She adds that Pragya believes in relations and never
gave importance to money. Pammi taunts Sarla that they must
have broken the alliances and grabbed the opportunity to marry
rich Abhi. Mitali taunts her and asks why did she loot their house
and that Sarla is pretending and acting with her daughter. Daadi
asks Mitali to shut up and tells Sarla that she can understand her
pain. Sarla says she can’t look her in the eyes after what
Pragya’s doings.

Beeji says they are very ashamed. Daadi asks her not to think anything like that and asks them to think it is the testing time for them and that whatever God will do, will be good for them She asks them to trust on God.

Pragya is in her room and thinks about Abhi’s words refusing to
accept her sayings. She thinks she knew that her family will get
angry but didn’t know that Abhi will leave the house. She thinks
she came home to save him from his enemies but he left the house
in anger. She looks at their marriage photo frame and says she is
his same fuggi. She asks him to show his anger and asks why did
he leave home. She asks him to come back and cries.

Pragya, who is broken down, prays to god, asking him to help her
in this fight to save her husband. She then picks up Abhi's
photograph and cries her heart out and asking Abhi to return home
as she has done this for him. On the other hand, Aaliya tells that
whenever she does something, Pragya stops her and this time she
has come as a tigress. Tanu tells that Pragya has spoiled her
wedding function. Aaliya says Pragya might be upto something
and has some plan as she came on the first day of the marriage
function. Raj tells them she might have some intention to stop the
wedding. Tanu says if Pragya stops the wedding then she will
take sanyas. Aaliya says she will think something. The trios then
devise plan to fight Pragya and learn her next move. Raj then
come up with an idea that only one man can help them, and ie,

He asks Tanu and Aaliya to instigate Abhi against Pragya
and take him on their side, to fail Pragya in her planning. He will
think how to transfer the property on Abhi’s name. Sarla thinks
about Pragya’s words and tells Beeji that she can’t even think in
her dream that Pragya could do such a thing. Jhanki tells that she
has seen her daughter Purvi changing for money. Beeji says
Pragya has changed. Sarla tells that she lied to them that Pragya
called and that she is fine. She says she don’t know why Pragya
came to the function and did this. She asks her to think that she
was someone else.

Later, Pragya is crying in the room and worried about Abhi as he
has left the house and thinks how to find out if Abhi came back
home or not. She decides to call Abhi up and learn where he has
put up then she thinks to control her emotions and thinks to
enquire with the family members about Abhi.

Aaliya and Tani come to Abhi and ask him to open the door. Aaliya provokes Abhi’s to open the door. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi promise that he will never give her tension. Aaliya assures her that Abhi will open the door. Tanu asks her to go home and check on Pragya. Pammi
gets tensed and thinks Pragya will throw them out of the house.

Mitali tells her mother in-law that she have tortured Pragya a lot
and she might throw her out first. Daasi tells that Aaliya and Tanu
went to bring Abhi back home. Pragya comes downstairs and asks
what is happening here? She tells them how can they sleep, as
their sleep have been flown by their grandson. She asks where
Tanu is? And asks if she went to bring Abhi home. Daasi asks her
to go and sleep. Pragya reminds her that this house is hers and
everyone will do according to her wish and she don’t want any
asset to waste her money. She asks them to wake up at 7am, and
she will inform them about the do’s. Daasi gets angry. Daadi asks
her to come. Pragya asks God to give her strength and thinks it is
very difficult to play rudely.

Abhi thinks Pragya loves him very much and can give her life for
him. He thinks she is not greedy for money, but why she is doing
this. His heart says that Pragya is hiding something. He thinks
Pragya will call him and apologize if she really cares for him. He
waits for her next step. Abhi wonders about Pragya and waits for
her phone call but instead, he gets Purabb’s call. Purabh tells that
he will go home and enquire about it as he don’t know what is
happening. Abhi asks him to enquire if Pragya is really after
money, then he don’t want his family to stay there. He doesn't want
his Daadi to feel bad.

Daasi tells that she will go to Pragya, and asks Daadi if she isn't getting angry? Daadi says she is angry but can’t do anything. Daasi says only Abhi can control her. Aliya tries searching for proofs against Pragya in her room. Pragya comes to Daadi and Daasi’s room and asks them to sleep early in the morning so that they don’t get ill and waste money on medicine. She asks them to call Abhi and asks him to come home.

Daasi refuses to call him and that Abhi will come home whenever
he likes. Pragya says if they won’t do it then she will do
something else.

Pragya comes to her room and see Aaliya there. She asks if she is
sleep walking and warns her not to enter her room without her
permission. Aaliya tells Pragya this is her brother’s room and he
needs some stuff. Pragya asks what is she looking for? Aaliya lie
that Abhi want to hear some music and that’s why she came to
take some CD. She taunts Pragya that the music will be relaxing
for him. Pragya asks her to inform Abhi to come and take his
things rather than sending his representatives. She warns her
again not to barge in her privacy. She thinks Aaliya is very clever
and will not stay quiet and thinks how to bring Abhi back home.

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