Saturday, 1 April 2017

Today's lesson :the difference between "Every day" and "Everyday "

Before now, I know many of you don't really know the difference between these words; but I'm  here to let you know the difference...

"Every day "means, every single day -- each and every day.

Example :  If you ate a plate of rice for breakfast each day this week,then we say... you had a plate of rice every day.

" Everyday "means commonplace, common thing or something normal.

Example : let's say you were invited to party with friends, and you don't want to look too dressed, so you decide to wear your "everyday shoes" and that means you've chosen to wear the shoes you normally wear.

(mind you, that doesn't mean you have to wear them every single day; it just means wearing them is a common occurrence).

Do you understand?
Any question? *in my classroom voice *

This is Abaprissy signing out

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