Monday, 10 April 2017

Security man returns $10,000 he found at UBA, gets rewards worth more than that.

This is the story of Ibrahim, who worked with  UBA bank as a security man.

Ibrahim had promptly returned a sum of 10,000 USD he found belonging to a customer.

And considering the present economic state of the nation, this singular act of Ibrahim was worth appreciating.

"For returning 10,000USD of a customer he found, Ibrahim, a
security man with UBA was rewarded with the sum of $5,000
by the governor of Adamawa, $10,000 by the governor of
Bauchi, the Deputy Senate president, Senator Ekwerenmadu
said He will be announced at the floor of the Senate on
Tuesday during plenary and will be given the sum of
N5,000,000(Five Million Naira only) by the senate".

Ibrahim was also given an award of Excellence by the bank
and several unannounced donations.

He is the young man standing next to the Deputy Senate President

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