Friday, 30 September 2016

Bet you didn't know

1. Deipnophobia
This is the fear of dinner parties
2. Arithmophobia
is the fear of numbers.
3. Selenophobia
This is fear of the moon.
4. Ephebiphobia
This is fear of youths .
5. Allodoxaphobia
If you're the type who doesn't like people speaking their minds, then you have this phobia, which is the fear of opinions .
6. Genuphobia
Are you the type who can't just put your knees in the open? Then you've got this phobia,  which is the fear of knees
7. Octophobia
Who has got this phobia,  the fear of the figure 8?
8. Oneirogmophobia
is the fear of wet dreams.
9. Scriptophobia
Wow, this is the fear of writing in public.
10. Anuptaphobia
I definitely know a lot of people with this,  since it’s the fear of being
11.  Sesquipedalophobia
Is the fear of long words.
12. Alliumphobia
This is the fear of garlic .
13. Coulrophobia
I remember last year, during my son's 1st birthday party, we couldn't get a clear shot of him because of this phobia
which is the fear of clowns . i know he is overcoming it now.
14. Acerophobia
This is the fear of sourness .
15. Bibliophobia
A fear of books is surely not a good one

16.  Philophobia
This is the fear of being/falling in love , so stay away.

17. Euphobia
This is the fear of good news.  If you've got this, then you're a bad news.

18. Sciaphobia
is the fear of shadows .

19.  Liticaphobia
The fear of lawsuits.

20. Panophobia
One who is scared of everything .

Well i also did know most of these too, so we're in together.

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