Wednesday, 28 September 2016

About last night's debate: what's your take on this?

C Trump guilty of 'mansplaining?'

Mr Trump is said to have interrupted Mrs Clinton three times as
many times as she interrupted him during the debate, leading to
accusations that the Republican was engaging in sexist behaviour
by attempting to assert male dominance.

How did the moderator do?
Mr Trump initially told CNN that Lester Holt had done "a great job"
and his questions were "very fair", but the Republican nominee did
complain in a tweet that nothing had come up during the debate
about issues on which Mrs Clinton is perceived to be weak.
Later, speaking on Fox News, he went on the attack: "He didn't
ask her about a lot of things he should have asked her about...
Why, I don't know."
When asked if he felt Holt had veered a little too far "into the left
lane", he replied: "More than a little."
Former New York Mayor and Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani said
Holt should be "ashamed of himself", and Fox media pundit
Howard Kurtz accused him of anti-Trump bias.

Culled from BBC

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