Thursday, 29 September 2016

Some facts you ought to know about sleep.

Ever wondered why every living thing always takes out time to rest/sleep? Sleep is one nature's call you can't but give in to once it comes.
Sleep is a wonderful thing. But considering how much time it
takes up of our lives, over a lifetime you sleep an average of 26
YEARS, we definitely don't know that much about it.
As it turns out, sleep is pretty fascinating. Sure, all we have to do
is lay down and close our eyes, but what goes on after that is
quite incredible. Don't believe us? Check out these 22 facts below
and try to tell us you weren't shocked by at least one of them!

1. Humans are the only mammals on earth
that actually willingly delay sleep.

2. Sleep apnea, a condition where you
actually stop breathing, is the most common
cause of sleep disruption.
It affects 90 million Americans.

3. Think sleep has nothing to do with your
If you aren't getting enough sleep, you tend to eat MORE due to
decreased levels of leptin in your body.

4. People used to sleep in segments.
Before the invention of electricity, rather than sleeping through the
night many people would sleep for a few hours, wake up, read,
write, socialize, pray, or reflect, and then got back to sleep for
another few hours before waking up for the day.

5. All-nighters are never good.
If you're awake for 16 hours in a row, your mind's ability to
function is impaired, similar to the feeling when you have a blood
alcohol level of .05%.


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