Friday, 30 September 2016

Everton manager Ronald Koeman says his players have 'mental' problems

Ronald Koeman, the Everton manager, has admitted his
players are having a ‘mental problem’ imposing his pressing football style.
The Merseysiders suffered their first league defeat of the
season at Bournemouth last week , the Dutch coach feeling
his players struggled to follow his instructions.
“For some players it's difficult - for some it's a big problem
because they don't know what to do,” said Koeman ahead
of Friday’s meeting with Crystal Palace.
“So some will change their attitude and you wait. It's a
mental aspect not fitness. It is about attitude.

“Our striker is not used to pressing how we try to press the
opponent and it takes time. They found it difficult to do it
in the way we want. It's about the team, not an individual.
We have to improve in that area. That was the attention in
the sessions (this week) and we see will if we do it better
than we did last week.”
Koeman is trying to completely change the footballing
culture at Goodison Park, demanding more energy, more
closing down of opponents and greater fitness levels.

He said he has quizzed his players on how they believe
they can impose his style more effectively.
“I don't play, they play, so tell me,” he said. “Tell me how
we can solve the problem. Tell me how we can do better
pressing. Maybe they're not used to that, but I need
feedback, I like to have communication in the game.
Players are involved in meetings and it's not like 40 years
ago. It's good to have the meetings, because they need to
think about football, how we can do better, how we can do
more pressing. It is about the whole, not the manager.
Everybody at Everton wants to win, and you need feedback
to progress.”

Credit- The Telegraph Football

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