Saturday, 26 November 2016

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What next: How will Trump treat Cuba

Castro: Respect around world, revelry among Cuban

Cubans ask, what now?

So many assassination attempt

His revolutionary life

The socialist utopia he never achieved

Memories of boyhood in the revolution

Former Cuban leader dies, state media report

A revolutionary life

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at age 90

KT McFarland joins administration

Pipeline protesters ordered out

Green Party seeks deeper investigation into election

How Gary Johnson and Jill Stein helped elect Donald

Charges: Mom injected son's IV with feces

Volcano spews ash miles into air

In 2017, liberals need to grow a spine

Israel wildfires: Haifa residents back home

Wildfires in Israel

Wildfires spreading in northern Israel

Wildfires blaze near Jerusalem

Slaughter of innocents continues in Mosul

U2 'Dragonlady' pilots spy on ISIS from the edge of

Uganda shutting down schools funded by Zuckerberg,

At least 31 killed in train collision in Iran

Stephen Port, serial killer who drugged gay men, jailed for

This Chinese 'Mad Max' rip-off will have fans Furiosa

Inspiring search for family roars to life in "Lion"

How to build a stylish home for less than $30K

British sailor smashes records in round-the-world race

Is this the world's geekiest destination

Brazilian jungle hides arresting art

Mars lander slammed into red planet after data glitch

Why Trump might not be bad for China

How Trump could help end Syrian civil war

Three things Trump cares about

Iceland sues Iceland supermarket

The lighter side of India's cash crisis

Lufthansa pilots strike continues

India bans the sale of firecrackers in Delhi

India just made it even harder to get new cash

Iceland sues supermarket that's using its name

Amazon unveils Cyber Monday deals

Lufthansa forced to cancel 2,755 flights

Haggis could be on its way to the USA

Rogue One' tickets go on sale Monday

The shoe brand turning footwear into an art form

Sending selfies just got easier

Behind the lens with Emmanuel Jambo

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