Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Have fun reading this New Reversed Nigeria Bible

*APC 1:1-12*
Our Reading For Today Is Taken From
The Book
Of APC Chapter 1 Verse 1 To 12 ....
1. And it came to pass, when the Lord would
punish Nigeria, that he gave them a president
under whose hand they were mightily
2. Before he ascended the throne, he made
them hope, with all manner of promises,
that he would bring them to the promised land
before the coming year began.
3. Thus the inhabitants of Nigeria grew
with their good condition, and sorely
vexed the president under whose hand they
had prospered, so that he would not have the
office of the president again, but rather
resented it.
4. In those days also the Boko haramites laid
siege to the north, and slew of the people
three and twenty thousand, intending to
set up a kingdom which would be ruled by
5. Thus the inhabitants of Nigeria remembered
not the good deeds of Jonathan, but thrust
him out of the throne, and made Buhari
president in his stead.
6. Buhari was seventy and two years old when
he began to reign. He reigned one and a half
years in Nigeria, and the land became
impoverished under
him and the hausites, the igbolites and
yorubites began murmuring against the
7. But the President continued to persecute
also a few of the people, accusing them and
casting them into prison. Thus, the
opposition was subdued, the people could not
find bread and rice to eat and there was
hunger in the
8. And the end became uncertain as there was
wailing and gnashing of teeth and as soon as
the president heard this he began to travel
around d the world and in the middle of his
reign he launched a campaign to say to the
people "Change begins with you.
9. And in those days, there came a
disagreement between the president and his
household. And the woman of his 'old age
(not youth)' chastised
him in a proverb saying 'he who the gods
want to remove from position he first makes
deaf', as he no longer
listens to her.
10. In response to her, while in a far away
land with the Germans, he rebuked her and
reminded her of her duties as a wife, saying
"while he belongs to everybody and nobody,
'she belongs to the kitchen, the living room
and the other room'".
11. And these sentences caused
uproar and division in the land, which greatly
caused division in the land among its
12 Tell it not in Germany. Tell it not
in the streets of Abuja, how art the mighty
fallen? Knoweth thou not that Sai Buhari has
goofed and it's now "to your tents oh

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