Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Are you already registered with MMM, or still nurturing doubts about it? Well, here are 10 reasons why it has been confirmed it will not crash.

According to 'tori',  these are some compelling reasons given by an MMM insider, stating why the money Pontiac scheme will not crash in Nigeria.

In this article, a member of MMM Nigeria has given 10 reasons
why the money ponzi scheme will not crash in Nigeria.

1. MMM is an innovative and experimental platform where people
donate money directly to each other.

2. There are no investors and no investments in MMM. Money is
not invested in any asset. Money is donated to the other person.

As MMM members donate money, there are no guarantees that
people will be donated back. Everything depends on the members
themselves: they develop the community making it sustainable
and creating a permanent process of the exchange of donations.

3. MMM members are rewarded with Mavro after they donate help
to other members of the Community.

4. 30% per month is not an interest rate, but an expected growth
rate of Mavro. Growth rate of Mavro and its amount can be
adjusted at any moment for the benefit of the community.

5. Mavro is like scores or grades in colleges. Where do grades
come from? Is it possible for grades to be out of stock? Grades
are taken from nowhere. Students get grades according to their
performance. This is the same with Mavros. Mavro is an
evaluation of the contribution made by a participant for the
development of the Community.

6. MMM is a self-adjusting Community. The algorithms of
matching senders and receivers and algorithms of Mavro reward
constantly get adjusted and improved.

7. MMM cannot crash because it cannot pay its members. This is
due to the fact that MMM is not a corporation involved in financial
transactions, MMM just connects senders and receivers.

8. The main factor in the MMM Community is its members’
behaviour. The aim of MMM is not to make people rich, but to
change their mindset, to encourage people to share what they
have with others. Members should not treat MMM as a money
making scheme.

9. MMM members can choose the time when they provide and get
help. Usually members follow the principle: donate when you have
spare money and ask for money when you need to buy something
for your family. MMM wants to increase the velocity of money. No
need to keep money: share it with others.

10. MMM wants to emphasise the importance of work and
productive labour. You should work not because you get paid for
that (working just for money is something like selling your soul or
body). People should work consciously and deliberately for their
personal and public benefit.

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