Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Congratulations, I heard you are also interested in blogging; Our able Gana Dan(the passerby) has some tips for us

Before going through the list, I want you to know that blogging is not as easy as you have read from other authors. Most internet gurus in order to make you buy their online marketing pamphlet have over hyped blogging. They tell you facts that exist only in their books. All they tell is that, get a blog, buy a domain, post some articles and boom, the cash starts flowing. That's a big lie.

Well, blogging is fun, it is lucrative but only when you know the right niche and present irresistible articles that keep people addicted to your blog.

Here are 3 niches that sell in blogging

1. Relationship/romance
Never in history have people been relationship conscious as they are today. They are looking for ways to ignite the love flames in their relationships and also how to look attractive and presentable. If you are interested in blogging, I will suggest you choose this niche as it requires little or no expertise. All you need to do is study what happens around you and write about them.

2. Business/Investment
People will always complain that there is no money yet there is still queue at the ATM. People are looking for advice on how to invest the little they have in order to gain much without working. The only problem with this niche is that it requires a little expertise as you cannot just post any junk and expect people to believe you. If you are interested in going into blogging, you can try and gather a little knowledge under this niche and then kick start your business by offering financial advice to those who are interested.

3. Personal Development
People are now ready to tap into the hidden resources embedded in them in order to give their life a meaning. This also requires a little expertise in psychology and philosophy.

NOTE: All the words written in this article are the writer's opinion.

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