Sunday, 8 January 2017

DATING-Why do people date?

It is quite funny to realize that  90% of people who go into dating don’t even know why they are into it. A  lot of people cannot give a justifiable reason why they started dating or thought of dating in the first place.

Dating is the activity of going out regularly with somebody as a social or romantic partner. Dating is supposed to be the first step in social relationship and the preceding steps include courtship, engagement and marriage. But unlike what have on paper, dating is now engaged in for several reasons.
Here is a list of the most common reasons people give for dating.

1.It is fun
I believe maybe they derive fun in inflicting emotional pains on their partners. It is a source of enjoyment and recreation to those who are engaged in it. It helps them to relax together and to also enjoy each other’s company. I think dating should be more than just deriving fun, it should contain series of events which prepares the participants for a life together.

2.It’s a form of socialization
By meeting someone with a different background and personality, it is supposed to help the participant learn new manners, and how to effectively engage in a conversation.

The world is mad about sex, a good number of youths engage in dating just to have a feel of their partner. Sex in itself is not bad but the manner in which it is done is what makes it bad. Inasmuch as man is not created to be alone, intimacy shouldn’t be a reason behind why people engage in dating. This reason has led to so many teenage pregnancies and lots of dreams and ambitions have been crippled.

4.Preparation for marriage
It helps the participants chose the right mate, but this is only possible when the dating is done in the right manner. The major reason behind dating to prepare for the building of a home later in the future.

5.Personal development
In dating, it is important that the participants become better persons over time. The participants are supposed to bring out the best in each other.  When dating is carried out right it is supposed to make the participants better,

Apart from these reasons, there are people who don’t even know why they are in a relationship.

By Gana Daniel(the passerby)

* Do you know that Dating exposes you to idiosyncrasies  that
can be either endearing or just plain maddening? *

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