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Shiv thinks he has to reach homem and he can’t let the mad woman Misha to ruin his daughter’s life. Misha gets hysterical and says her engagement didn’t happen. Siddharth asks her to calm down and calls for doctor. Seeing Misha's condition, Roshni recalls Neel’s words and and tells Siddharth that she needs to speak something important with him and takes him to the room. Roshni falls for Misha's plan and requests Siddharth to marry Misha and get her out of this trauma.

Siddharth gets flabbergasted hearing what Roshni had just say and asks her if she is out of her mind? He refuses to marry anyone else but Roshni. Roshni says they don’t have any other way out and asks him if he can see his best friend like this. Siddharth says he don’t have time for all this, and asks her who did she think he is.

Roshni tells him that their love and relation is unique and he will not forget that day as they were helpless that day, but not today. He will feel bad to see Misha in asylum.

The have to sacrifice for Misha who pretends to have lost her mental balance. Siddharth breaks the things and hugs Roshni asking what did she ask for.

Roshni gives her promise to Siddharth and asks him to marry Misha. They hear someone shouting for Misha and rush out.

Misha is standing on the terrace wall, and threatens to jump. Everyone ask her to get down. Siddharth asks Misha to hear him. Misha acts madly and cries saying she will die. He asks Misha to listen to him. Roshni asks Siddharth to agree to what she say. He asks Misha to get down. Misha threatens to jump. Everyone gets tensed. Siddharth tells everyone loves her very much and he will search for a better guy for her. Misha emotionally blackmails him by saying that she would commit suicide if her engagement does not commences today. Beeji asks her not to jump. Misha closes her eyes and waits for him to stop her. Roshni asks Siddharth to tell Misha. Siddharth finding himself helpless, he declares that he would marry Misha. Hearing this, Misha feels happy as her plan starts showing the desired effect. On the other hand, both Siddharth and Roshni's family members are startled hearing Siddharth's of marrying Misha.

Misha smiles and then turns to him. She asks him not to lie, and asks if he will also leave her like Neel. Siddharth says he is not lying, he tells that he has already made the decision and it cannot be changed as he is ready to get engage to her right now. Everyone is shocked.

Misha asks if he will really get engage to her. He promises her. Misha asks him to promise not to leave her and go. He promises and asks her to come down. Misha holds his hand and comes down. Roshni cries badly after doing a big sacrifice for psycho Misha. Misha hugs him and says today is their engagement. Everyone is shocked.

Durgardevi decides she can’t let it happen. Shiv, on the other hand, is still on his way to meet Siddharth and Roshni and reveal the treachery of Misha while misha's goons come to Durgardevi's house to catch Shiv. Shiv sees him going inside and thinks he have to save the kids from Misha and the goons.

Durgardevi goes to Siddharth and gives him a tight slap. She asks if he have gone mad? How dare him to play with Roshni’s emotions. She is not a toy for playing and tries to explain to him that the outcome of the decision that he has made would be real bad. Raj says it is good to help others but this is not right to ruin Roshni’s life for helping others.

Roshni asks her mother to understand Siddharth. Durgardevi says this man has showed his place. Misha acts again. Durgardevi says this is not fair as he is ruining two lives and his decision of marrying Misha would spoil both his and Roshni's life.

Roshni asks her mother to come with her. Misha tries to hit Durgardevi but Siddharth stops her. Durgardevi asks to throw Misha out of her house and tells Roshni that she didn’t expect this from her and will not support her either. Roshni hugs her and cries that she too declares that she would support Siddharth and his decision. Beeji says everything will be fine.

Siddharth takes Misha to a room and says Durgar mother is elder to him so she can do anything and everyone loves them. Misha says today is her engagement and she want to get engage. Siddharth promises that her engagement will happen today itself. He says he will go and see the arrangement, asks her to be there. Once Siddharth leaves, Misha shows her true face and boasts at her plan’s success.

She says finally she has won Siddharth for forever and no one can stop her. Siddharth is still unable to believe and couldn’t come to terms. He looks at Roshni. Mere Rubara Tu hi Tu song plays in the background. Roshni too emotionally stares at him and they get close before parting ways. Siddharth asks why them always? He asks why they shall sacrifice always and asks why? Roshni holds his hand and says their love will not lessen with the new changes.

She love him and will always love him and Siddharth hugs her. Roshni says love is not easy, whatever they have done is their combine decision. She kisses him and gets very close to him. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background as she holds his hand.

Meanwhile, Shiv reaches house and decides he will save Roshni and can’t let his daughter’s life be ruined. He is searching for Roshni and Siddharth admidst the eager thugs of Misha, who are hunting him down. Durgardevi asks Mona to tell everyone to leave as there is no engagement happening here. Roshni comes and says no one will leave as engagement will happen. She looks at Siddharth.

Shiv thinks to enter from back door. Siddharth says they have decided to do this for Misha’s betterment and he have to do the engagement with Misha. Everyone is shocked. Durgardevi says this is his decision and he only thought about himself once again and not about Roshni.

Roshni says this decision is combine decision and he is just accepting her decision and they can do this for her atleast. Durgardevi says Siddharth have fooled her daughter again and asks until when Roshni will be blinded and that all men are the same. She asks Raj to explain son to change his decision. Raj tries to speak but Siddharth says he has already decided and no one can change his decision.

Durgardevi declares before her and Siddharth's family that if he get engage to Misha then her relationship with Siddharth and this house would come to an end, especially with Roshni.

Durgardevi asks Siddharth to leave from her house. Roshni says he will leave after his engagement is done. Durgardevi says they both are doing worst mistake of their life and will repent if when they realize it.

Siddharth cries and Roshini tries to console him. Hamari Adhuri Kahani song plays in the background. Durgardevi breaks the things in her room and asks why they got betrayal husbands. Kesar asks Shiv whereabouts? Durgardevi shows him the message and tells her mother's Naani that Siddharth and Shiv have betrayed them.

She hugs her mother and cries. Naani asks her not to get sad. Shiv enters the party and hides his face to protect himself from the goons’ sight. The goon talks to Misha and she asks him to kill Shiv. Shiv hears them and decides to protect himself.

Roshni comes to Misha but Misha pushes her and asks her to go. Roshni says Siddharth sent her here as today is her engagement with him. Roshni asks if she want to look good for Siddharth, so he wants her to dress Misha up. Misha eyes her angrily and twists her hand badly. Roshni bears silently and makes her wear the bangles.

Misha looks at her with hatredness and decides she will make her get jealous when Siddharth romances with her right in front of Roshni.

Misha continues to hurt Roshni and twist, pierced her nails in her hand. Misha writes Siddharth weds Misha with her lipstick on the mirror. She asks Roshni, how is it looking. Roshni says it is looking good and tells her she is very lucky to have Siddharth.

Misha says Siddharth will become her husband. Roshni cries while Misha asks her to make her wear something. Roshni says she will come back in 2 mins and leaves. Misha smiles evilly.

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