Friday, 13 January 2017

Another piece by Abalaka Eneojo Paul : The Secret Place - part 1

_He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.– Psalms 91:1[KJV]_

_Whoever lives under the shelter of Elyon, will remain in the shadow of Shadday. – Psalms 91:1[NOG]_

I welcome you to yet another week of boundless possibilities.

This week we would begin a series on the subject the secret place and I believe our understanding of and our commitment to the secret would experience a shift even as the year is gathering momentum.

There are a number of explanation and interpretation for the secret place – it could be a shelter, covering, or dwelling, hiding place or a physical location, we trust God to grant us access into the interpretations that are relevant for the life of shinning, thriving and glory on earth since the design of the secret place originated from God. Our loving and gracious Father has countless wonderful things for all who would only accept His invitation into the place called secret. It does not allow for visitors but those who would step into the place and abide.

*_What then is the Secret Place of Elyon?_*

The secret place of the most High cannot be optimally understood as our understanding of Spiritual realities are in parts for what we know is incomplete and what we prophesy is incomplete [see 1 Cor. 13:9], it is our yieldedness to Him who will teach and guide us into all truth that would give you a complete and a perfect knowledge of the secret place.

_*The secret place is:*_

| An intimate place of private personal relationship and communion with God.
| The place of installation of resources for your life’s journey.
| The presence of God.
| The place of hiding and of protection.
| The place of prayers and of knees and of worship.
| The place for depth in God’s Word.
| The place of training and of pruning and of discipline.
| The place of destiny contention and the place of fulfilment of divine mandate.

The above to be discussed in subsequent editions.

You must know that _your life is at the mercy of the graces available to you and the ones you carry and the oil you possess,_ you must become deliberate about seeking God and an intimacy with Him. The one who is intimate with God can never be intimidated by any devil, man and situation no matter how adverse it appear to be.

You are welcome to join into the secrets of the secret place of God.

AE Paul.

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