Sunday, 15 January 2017

Don't understand why everyone is backing out : It's All Over: 'Dreamgirls' star Holliday backs out of Trump inauguration performance

Broadway star Jennifer Holliday is telling
President-elect Donald Trump she's not going -- to his

A publicist for the the "Dreamgirls" diva said in a
statement Saturday that Holliday, who was slated to sing
at an inaugural event on Thursday, changed her tune
after the inauguration committee pre-emptively
announced her appearance before she decided to
perform. The statement also cited outcry from fans and
people in the LGBT community who expressed
disappointment at her participation.

"It was presented to her as a concert that would heal the
wounds of the election season. She was asked to
perform 'Hard Times Come No More,' originally recorded
by Bob Dylan. The inaugural committee released the
information before she officially made a decision,"
Holliday's publicist, Bill Carpenter, said in a statement.

"Her rep also says that upon the (announcement),
Holliday started getting letters from fans that they were
disappointed. The LGBTQ community, amongst others,
were some that were most upset. In the past, her rep Bill
Carpenter explains that she performed for Pres. Reagan,
George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, and (Bill) Clinton,
but when Jennifer saw the outcry, she pulled out of the

A message left with Boris Epshteyn, the director of
communications for Trump's inaugural committee, was
not returned Saturday afternoon.

The Wrap first reported Holliday's decision to pull out of
the performance and published a letter penned by her and
addressed to her fans.

"In light of the information pointed out to me via the
Daily Beast article on yesterday, my only choice must
now be to stand with the LGBT Community and to state
unequivocally that I WILL NOT PERFORM FOR THE
INAUGURATION FESTIVITIES!" Holliday writes in the

Last month, sources told CNN the transition team was
struggling to book big names for inauguration. At the
time, Epshteyn acknowledged to CNN the lack of A-
listers appearing at the ceremony.6

"This is not Woodstock," Epshteyn said. "It's not summer
jam. It's not a concert."

The committee has since booked some high-profile
groups, including Toby Keith, The Rockettes, The Mormon
Tabernacle Choir and Jackie Evancho, to preform for the
inaugural ceremonies.


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