Tuesday, 31 January 2017

_The Secret Place V - The place of installation of resources for your life’s journey_

_He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty_ – Psalms 91:1

_And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day._ Genesis 32:24

This is a great day for you sir/ma.

Last week, we looked at a phase of the secret place as the place of private personal relationship with God, a place of intimacy with the Spirit.

Your relationship with God must be in the similitude of newly wedded spouse or new found love where all that predominantly occupies their thoughts is spending time together not wanting to let go.

Hear this, if your relationship, intercourse, and communion with Jesus is not like that of love birds or newly wedded couple, you are in the wrong.

This week, we trust God to take us higher in the theme “the secret place”, as we journey together today, I trust God to be merciful on us and grant us access into the mysteries surrounding the theme. Our times on earth is but transitory, on our brief sojourn here on the earth, we would need installed resources – both physical, psychological and spiritual virtues to function effectively.

Just like acquiring a new computer system, you’d need to install the needed system and application software for optimal enjoyment, failure to do so would result in little or no gain from the acquired computer for the computer is useless without the system’s software. The system’s software manages all that concerns the workability of the computer.
Like the computer, your workability, usability and scope of influence is a function of what has been installed in you from the secret place. You can never function outside your installed virtues.

Jacob had to be left alone so installations can be made in him, Jacob before his encounter with God struggled through life as a charlatan but when he got alone with God, he had status change installed, he got power with God and power with men installed in him. He got clarity installed, he got an upgrade of the covenant God made with Abraham. In order to triumph in life and destiny, it is compulsory we have power with God, this power only comes from spending good amounts of quality time with God.

_Then the devil left him,  and behold,  angels came and were ministering to him._ – Matt. 4: 11

_And he was in the wilderness forty days,  being tempted by Satan.  And he was with the wild animals,  and the angels were ministering to him._ – Mark 1:13

Jesus away from the crowd, spent 40days and nights in the wilderness, on his return He was tempted by the devil, unknown to the tempter, Jesus just finished the installation of defences against the onslaughts of darkness. Moses who was a hot tempered man got the highest version of meekness software. The bible records in Numbers 12:3  (Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth. You cannot spend time with God and not have God install His virtues in you.

Hear this, fire can be caught at a congregational level but they are only fanned into flame by your alignment with the Consuming fire. Fire can be caught in church meetings and programs but would die out when fuel is not added in the secret place of fellowship with God.

The computer have various software packages, some are for special functions, others are to enhance the computers functions, others serve to enhance computer’s connection to other device.

By way of reiteration, your life on this brief transit through earth would only make sense when you submit yourself to God for installation and uninstallation of the needed for your life Journey. If you ever want to cause a change in your given sphere – your ministry, your place of work/studies, your God given assignment, you family and the society, you must become one whose signature is recognized in the secret place. Spending quality alone-time in the secret is the place where God immerses in and endues us with power to effect that change.

It is not about working for God.

It is not about standing and ministering in the sanctuary.

It is not about the display of power.

It is not about the manifestations of your spiritual gifts.

It is not about external accomplishments.

Beloved, it is about your WALK with God. It is about your FELLOWSHIP with HIS PRESENCE.

Do you care for God’s presence?

Do you crave power with God that transform to power in life?

Would you like to in reality live, move and have your being in God?


Then, you can only achieve your YES only when you live in HIM by dwelling with HIM and spending time with HIM as your everyday values and principles and your way of life

AE Paul.

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