Friday, 14 October 2016

#14-tips on how to lose weight

Is there anyone who doesn't like carrots? I don't know sha....

Here is our today's tip..
Carrot juice.

Carrot greatly helps weight loss by increasing
your body metabolic rate.. Carrots help improve eyesight too. Can
be eaten in salad,

How to prepare carrot juice

1.Wash and chop the carrots.
2. Add them to the blender and blend by adding a little water (you can also use a grater)
3. Add a small amount of warm water if you used a grater.
4.let it sit for a minute
5.try squeezing a little
6. Using a neat sieve, sieve your juice into a cup or jug
7. Enjoy your drink.

Drink in the morning as part of your breakfast.

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