Monday, 10 October 2016

What to expect tonight on Zeeworld forbidden love

Veera is shocked on hearing Sids name. Neha tells her not to tell
their mother about this. Till then mother (Aruna Irani) enters and
asks wat is this, I went out for sometime and my kids are hiding
things from me. Both Veera and Neha are shocked. Aruna asks
Veera tell me wats going on. Veera manages to smile and say
nothing ur daughter Neha has become a big gal. She is going to
give u a surprise. Neha is shocked on hearing this.

Veera continues, she is planning to save her pocket money and buy a birthday gift. Neha haves a sigh of relief. Mother smiles and says is
this my age for bday and gifts? But I will be very happy if u both
are happy.

Veera is returning home in the car and thinking about Her dad,
Mona, sid and Neha. She realizes she has made a grave mistake.
She tells herself that Neha will have to get married to Sid
otherwise her life will get spoilt. She reaches home and sees Sid.

She tells him I want to talk to you something. Sid tells her yes
wat. She is about to speak and Kushan enters. He asks her u went
home? Veera tells him yes and I met mummy (stares at Sid
angrily) and Neha. Sid asks her Bhabhi wat u want to talk to me
about. Veera says oh no nothing urgent will talk later. Till then
Shweta (sid's mom) and Kushan's mom enter. Sid tells his mom
that I m goin out now and will be back late in the night. Kushan
jokes Bua take care of ur son , now a days he is out most of the
time . see that he permanently doesn't walk out of the house.

Kushan then tells he will freshen and come for dinner. Veera is in
her own world thinking of wat has happened today. Bua and mom
are talking. Bua tells that I never liked Mona and Sid'd frndship in
the first place and now this talk about rishta. I don't know why all
of you are hurrying with things. Kushan's mom tells her that I
agree Mona is a bit childish but she is a nice gal and marriage
will surely change her. She asks Veera wat do u think. And Veera
realizes they are talking to her and says yes yes. Then shweta
says Veera will tell yes because Mona is her sister. Even if Mona
has flaws Veera will support her only. And she walks off.

Kushan's mom tells Veera that though shweta talks rudely, I know
that after marriage Mona will be able to win her heart just like u
won ours. Veera thinks Oh no! now wat do I do? I thought Sid
loved Mona.

Sid meets Neha and tells her I loved you. Neha tells him forget that I
have to tell u something very important. Sid asks her wat is that?
She tells I M Pregnant. Sid is shocked. He asks r u sure of this?
Neha gets irritated and says I wont simply say such things. He
appears very tensed and confused. He asks her does anyone else
know about this? He is shocked to know Veera also knows this.

He reaches home and meets Veera. She asks him where are u
coming from? Have u realized wat u both have done? Sid says we
are sorry, it was a mistake. Veera says MISTAKE? And on top of it
u guys hid that u luvved each other from me. It was that I
accidently discovered the pregnancy; otherwise u both would
have hidden this fact also from me. Veera continues that there
have always been problems with my family and now this. Sid
always fingers are pointed towards the gal. Sid says I know I have
done a big mistake. But believe me I will never leave Neha alone.

I will marry her and give her the rightful status. I will see that no
one will point fingers at her. Veera says wish this was all so
simple as u say. There has been a misunderstanding. I thought u
and Mona luvv each other, so I talked about ur rishta and tomm
Dad is coming to talk to the family about it. Sid is shocked. He
asks how could u? wat shall I do now? Veera tells him u talk to
Shweta bua. Sid asks wat shall I talk about? Veera replies tell her
the truth. Yesterday I was saying Mona and now today I cant say will create problem. So only u have to talk. Please sid do
something. Sid says ok I will talk with mummy. But please see
that prashant uncle doesent come here tomorrow. Veera says I
will try, maybe I can convince dad, but Mona she will never take
NO for an answer.

Veera and Neha go to the doctor. She says that the pregnancy is
confirmed. She asks for the fathers name. Neha says siddarth and
doctor realizes that surnames of Neha and sid are different. Veera
tells that soon they are going to get married. They leave the
hospital and Veera tells Neha to take care and that sid has
promised to talk to his mother. Vee then tries her father's mobile
but it not reachable. She goes to his office and knows that he has
gone to some factory and his secretary tells her that there is no
network in that place. She leaves a message with the secretary
that as soon as he comes to contact Veera urgently.

Veera then goes to office. Amisha is busy searching for some file.
She looks at Veera and asks her why ru so tensed? Veera replies
no nothing some work I had. Amish asks her did u meet the client
( modi grp). Veera says yes I did and amisha keeps searching for
the file. Just then amisha gets a call from Modi group asking why
nobody came with the quotations and design. She realizes that
Veera has lied. She goes to Veera and says did u go to meet the
client? Veera says yes, why ru asking me again? Amisha tells that
I got a call from them and they are still waiting for you.

Veera stammers and says I went there but I couldn't meet the person as he was not there. Amisha doesn't buy this story. She is searching
for the file again and Veera decide to help her. She also searches
for the pink file. Amisha sees Veera bag and is about to open it,
Veera realizes the doctors reports are in and says the file cant be
in my bag, I jus came now. Amisha wonders wat is inside the bag
and says yes yes it cant be in here. She tells Veera maybe the file
is out, why don't u plz check out. Veera says yes and goes out.

Amisha opens the bag and finds the report. She is shocked on
seeing the names and pregnancy report. She thinks wat is this?
Neha has become pregnant and that too of sid's child. How is it
possible? But why did Veera want sid to marry Mona. She thinks
maybe Veera didn't know that Sid and Neha luvv each other.

That's why she called her father to talk about rishta. Bechari
Veera she called trouble herself. Amisha thinks that not only me
but even destiny is against Veera. Wat will u do now? Veera , u r
between the devil and the deep sea. I pity u. Either ways ur only
going to be hurt. Now the game has become interesting.

Culled-zee loaded

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