Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What to expect tonight on Zeeworld king of hearts

Don't mind the grammar, mind the update

After a lot of conversation and seeing Kritika's demeanor, Raj at
long last decides against taking Kritika along. Simran later meets
Roshni and gives her gifts. Kritika gets jealous seeing Simran
showering her love upon Roshni. She builds up a strong feeling of
disdain for Roshni, as she believes that she is grabbing her mom
far from her. Consequently, she decides to make a desperate step.

Durgadevi gets on with her arrangements for New Year's bash and
surprises Dadi by saying that she needs Siddharth's parents to be
present for the party. This does not run down well with Mona Bua,
and she feels that she and her family are being offended by other
members of the house time and once more.

In the mean time, Roshni and Siddharth alongside the kids, are going back and simply then, Kritika who is smoldering with jealousy, drives her car towards Roshni. So as to save Roshni, little Phatka comes in
the way of the car and meets with a serious accident. Phatka is
rushed to the hospital where even Roshni falls unconscious amid
a telephonic discussion with her mom. In the interim, Kritika gets
back home and starts to panic when she realizes the gravity and
results of the action she had quite recently committed.

Then, Durgadevi and others reach the hospital and find Roshni to be
well, however discover that Phatka is in a basic condition. Later,
the police arrives and holds an enquiry amid which Roshni reveals
that the accident was brought on by a car and goes ahead to give
two numbers on the car's number plate.

The police inform Roshni that the car that had prompted the
accident had a place with Khurana and listening to the name,
Roshni gets goaded. Then again, Siddhartha leaves the scene
before the police could reveal the name. Later, Roshni goes ahead
to identify the girl in the car, and promptly, a FIR is filed. The
police arrive at Kritika's home and arrest her in a hit-and-run
case. Raj and Simran attempt to stop the police however in vain.

Simran is so lost in her daughter's love that she overlooks the
crime committed by her. Later, Durgadevi and Roshni get the news
that Kritika has been bailed out, and Siddharth goes to the police
seething with outrage.

Credit - zeeloaded

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