Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What to expect tonight on Zeeworld silver lining

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Everybody gets surprised as Ira gets back home alongside
Shravan. Ira behaves arrogantly to Isha and requests that her
leave. Ira then makes it clear to Daai Maa that she needs to stay
with Shravan as the court has sent guards to watch out for them.

Ira fears that in the event that she and Shravan don't stay
together, the court may dismiss their divorce supplication. Sam
reaches office and sees that every one of his staffs have decorated
the office to compliment him for his and Isha's wedding. They
even set up his and Isha's photos in his cabin. Sam misses Isha
and fantasies that their misunderstandings have been resolved.

Daai Maa welcomes Ira. Ira is aggravated by the present
situation. Revati has still not surrendered and plans to create
problem in Isha's life. Revati decides to organize the post
marriage rituals of both Ira and Isha at the Ojha house. Revati tells
about it to Girish and Isha.

Daai Maa gives a simple saree and jewelry to Ira and requests her
to wear it amid the rituals. Ira is disappointed. Revati comes there
and requests that Daai Maa perform Ira's post wedding rituals at
the Ojha house alongside Isha. Daai Maa concurs. Girish gifts
Isha and Sam tickets to Europe for their honeymoon. Sam declines
to go and says that Isha wanted to celebrate Diwali with the
family. Sam gets irate as he comes to realize that Ira's post
wedding rituals will likewise be celebrated at the Ojha house.

Isha tries to converse with him yet he declines to pay notice and even
tears off their honeymoon tickets Ira gets stunned as Daai Maa
brings her to Ojha house to complete the rituals. Ira is wearing a
simple saree while Isha in a costly designer saree. The rituals
start and on one hand Isha gets costly gifts from Revati's friends
while on the other Ira gets simple economical gifts from Daai
Maa's relatives. Ira is beset and leaves when the rituals get over.

Revati brainwashes Ira that she had suggested to keep the
ceremony at Ojha house to make her feel better however Isha
emphatically supported her decision as she needed to embarrass
her. Ira feels angry and plans to take revenge of this
embarrassment. Ira is sleeping in Shravan's room when all of a
sudden Shravan enters. Ira panic and solicits him to get out from
the room. Shravan declines to take off. Ira is frightened and
debilitates to kill him on the off chance that he didn't leave.

Shravan tells Ira that he doesn't wish to get close to her and
leaves the room. Isha comprehends that Revati wishes to
increases the differences between her and Ira and subsequently
she had intentionally organized the rituals at Ojha house. Isha
confronts Revati for the same. Revati boldly confesses her plan
and tells Isha that now Ira hates her the more. Isha cautions
Revati to mend her ways and certainly answers that she will
succeed in winning back Ira's love. Isha gets stunned as Sam
returns home drunk. Isha is hurts to see Sam in such state.

Sam concedes his feeling in the drunken state and mumble that despite everything he loves Isha. Isha decides to resolve the
misunderstandings between her and Sam. Daai Maa makes Ira
wake up early in the morning. Daai Maa then informs Ira that she
needs to perform the ritual where the bride cooks food for the first
time and requests her to cook food. Daai Maa threatens to call up
the lawyer when Ira declines to cook. Revati discovers pieces of
the air tickets which Girish had gifted Sam and Isha in the garden.

Revati feels that something is fishy and decides to make figure it
out. Isha apologizes to Sam and asks him give their relationship
another chance. Isha guarantees that she will try her best to win
back his love and trust. Revati hears their discussions and gets

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