Saturday, 15 October 2016

Can I speak to you? Please let go of that hurt.

What are you trying to forget?
Betrayal, Abuse, Disappointment, Abandonment?
Whatever it is ; one thing I want you to know is that, you can be hurt everyday of your life,  If you don't learn to let go and forget.

Bob Gass, one of America's great communicators, says "turn your pain into purpose and  Draw from your great Disappointments the wisdom and strength you need to build a better  Future".

Friends,  I tell you, when you don't forget, you will be living in the eyes of prison of memory  Torture.

What is memory? It's that faculty that enables all of us to re-live yesterday.

That means you can be hurt everyday of your life if you don't forget.

      Your fiance left and got married to your friend whom you introduced to him. You became
Hateful and swore never to forgive.

Now you're burning with rash, and you've lost your sanity because of one man who is not your rightful husband. You've even unconsciously extended your hate to your rightful husband and made him scurry.

Why don't you turn your pain into purpose, tell yourself that man is not your man.

Morton Kelsey says "to be fruitful and authentic, forgiveness has to spring from the heart like
Love. It should come from the total reality of the human body, psyche and mind".

There is no limit to forgiveness, no danger of carrying it too far. Let the rule be observed," As God has forgiven you, so should you forgive others"

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