Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Did you know?

1. Once upon a time, the north was the more literate part of Nigeria. According to Lord Luggard, there were 25,000 Qur’anic
Arabic schools with about 250,000 pupils in the north.

2.  In 1984 under the disciplinary Buhari/Idiagbon government, there was a sophisticated attempt to kidnap and repatriate ex-civilian regime minister of transport, Umaru Dikko from the UK,
anesthetized in a freight crate, for the embezzlement of $1bn under the Shangri regime.

3. A brand new car sold for N2000 in 1975. A ticket to London was less than N100 in 1975.

4. In 1976, 75 kobo exchanged for one British Pound and 60 kobo for one US dollar.

5. A dollar was 90 kobo at the beginning of Babangida’s term in 1985.

6. Nigeria took its first loan from the World Bank in 1977.

7. Obasanjo’s first term and Babangida’s regime oversaw the weakening of the naira.

8.Nigeria has the 4th highest number of poor, living under a dollar a day in the entire world. 100 million are ‘destitute’ according
to figures from the NBS (National Bureau of Statistics).

9. Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa is 160th out of 177 countries in HDI (Human Development Index).

10. Nigeria has the highest paid legislators in the entire world.

11. Based on amount squandered, of an income of $81 billion per year, Nigeria is the most corrupt nation in the world.

12. The nation with the most defraudeddefrauded people, aka ‘mugus,’ in history, is Nigeria. Successive administrations continue to loot
a greater percentage of the nation’s wealth, running in hundreds of billions of dollars.

13. General Buhari and Idiagbon rejected IMF demands that Nigeria devalue it's currency.

14. Kano: In 1851, this city, one of the largest in Africa, made 10 million sandal pairs and 5 million hides for export every year.

15. Akwa Ibom: King Jaja of Opobo (1821–1891) founded Opobo city-state in 1867 and shipped palm oil to Britain independently of British middle men.

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