Friday, 7 October 2016

Where are my Zeeworld lovers(lol) here is what to expect on today's episode of King of hearts.

Durgadevi gets a stun when she discovers that there is no water
coming out from the taps and that she needs to stand in a long
line to fill her buckets. Durgadevi joins the line to fill water yet
ends up battling with the neighbors. To everyone's surprise,
Roshni comes to safeguard her mom and this warms up their
hearts. Later, Durgadevi and her family prepared to leave the
place in her car. Seeing that there is one additional person,
Durgadevi suggests that Roshni sit on her lap. Seeing the
developing closeness between the mother and daughter, Siddharth
and "Nani" feel successful. Later, at Durgadevi's office, Siddharth
sees that one of the jewelry's hook is not of real gold. He tries to
tell this to Kesar yet Kesar does not pay any notice to his doubts.
Later at home, the customer who had taken the jewelry reaches
the house and blames Durgadevi for giving him a fake jewelry set.
VNene goes ahead to blame Durgadevi for giving him a fake
jewelry set, and requests that her pay up the whole sum that she
had taken from him. Nene additionally goes ahead to end any
further business ties with her. Durgadevi gets chafed as her
notoriety is presently at stake;she gets irate at Kesar Chachu and
the whole blames eventually falls for him. Then, a tyre  of Kritika's
car gets punctured keeping in mind she tries to get lift from the
vehicles cruising by, she ends up attracting in trouble as four
goons. The goons pursue Kritika and begin to get rowdy with her
yet simply then, a man makes a courageous entry on his
motorbike and spares the lady in trouble from the evil forces.
Later, Durgadevi alongside the police pfficers investigate the
CCTV footage to get some answers concerning the thief but the
video footage stops soon after it indicates Kesar entering into the
room where the jewelry was kept.

Credit - zeeloaded

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