Friday, 7 October 2016

Zee lovers_ Friday Update On Silver Lining Episode 131-132

Here is what to expect tonight.

Revati accuses Isha for having an affair with Shravan furthermore
reprimands her to be of a loose-character. Isha tries in vain to
clarify that she is innocent and says that she had gone to the
servant quarters to meet Sam in the wake of receiving his
message. Sam denies sending any message to Isha and Isha is
left shocked. Revati mortifies Isha and says that she just desires
Sam's money. Shravan gets incensed on seeing Isha's affront and
talks up to Revati. Sam is exceptionally furious and declines to
trust Isha. He requests that Isha leave from that point. Isha is sad.

Sam is broken as he feels that Isha has cheated on him. Isha gets
stunned as Shravan showing her the letter he had received. Isha
recognized Ira's handwriting and understands that the letter was
sent to him by her. Revati incites Sam against Isha and requests
that he break up with her. Girish comes there and requests that
Sam check the sent messages in his phone. Sam is paralyzed to
see the messages sent to Isha by his phone. Sam fails to
comprehend who more have done it. Devki comes there and
proclaims that she knows who had sent those messages to Isha.

Before Devki could say anything further, Revati concedes her
crime. Sam gets dazed as Revati admits that she had sent the
messages as she wanted to break Sam and Isha's relation. Sam is
disheartened on knowing reality and stands up to Revati for
attempting to create troubles amongst him and Isha. Sam breaks
all ties with Revati and even says that he doesn't want her to
attend his and Isha's wedding. Revati is dazed.

Revati is raging with annoyance and holds Isha responsible for
Sam's attitude aowards her. Revati is resolved to decimate Isha's
life totally and Ira to collaborates with her. Ira guarantees that
exclusive she will marry Sam and be her daughter-in-law. Isha
feels loathsome as she understands that Ira had never forgiven
her and still loves Sam. Sam comes to meet Isha and apologizes
to her for his conduct. Sam tells Isha that Revati had planned to
separate them and subsequently, he has even banished her from
attending their wedding. Shravan feels terrible as Isha is offended
by Revati and Sam and chooses to marry her at any cost. Isha
tells Devki that she wouldn't like to wed Sam as Ira still loves
him. Isha shows the letter to Devki and says that it was sent to
Shravan by Ira. Devki tries in vain to make Isha understand.

Sam's nanny whom everybody affectionately calls Daai Maa
comes to Ojha house. Sam brings Daai Maa home for his wedding
with the goal that she can perform the rituals in place of Revati.
Revati is harmed by this. On her wedding day, Isha preys to God
to give her strength to take the right choice.

Credit - zeeloaded

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