Saturday, 8 October 2016

Marriage is not a bed of roses

People say marriage is not a bed of roses,
(I don't know how they came about that saying).

I say, marriage is not a bed of roses, but more than a bed of roses.

I love being married, especially to my husband.

I appreciate waking up and having someone call me

I appreciate that I have a partner that I can lean on when I
am hurting or scared.

I appreciate that I have someone to tell my most intimate
secrets to without judgment.

I appreciate the little jokes throughout the day that brighten
my mood.

I appreciate having someone to share the challenges life can
bring raising children.

I appreciate the father he is to my children.

I appreciate that he always makes sure we have everything
we need and a little more.

I appreciate that he is still by my side loving me even though
I tried to destroy that love because I thought I was not

I appreciate the strength and comfort he brings me.

I appreciate he chose me to share his life with.

I appreciate that I have been given the chance to recognize
what I really have instead of concentrating on what I didn't

I appreciate that my husband loves me just as I love him.

What do you appreciate about your spouse?

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