Sunday, 11 December 2016

Today's word

Well, it's Sunday evening ;
I can understand the various thoughts and feelings you're individually having right now.

Some hate it's Monday tomorrow, some(like my Nigerian friends), are happy because it's a public holiday tomorrow, while some are enthusiastic because they are starting that new job, completing that project, and can't wait to show that great stuff to the world...

So whatever you're feeling right now, just know I'm with you *winks*

Now, to those who are enthusiastic and feeling great tonight, I think I have another word to describe your mood...


Pronounced - /ɪˈbʌljənt,-ˈbʊl-/

Meaning -  overflowing with joy, enthusiasm, or excitement; in high spirit.

Synonyms + cheerful, joyful, effusive, elated, exhilarated etc

Sentence examples :

1. I am in an ebullient mood tonight.

2. On the day of Mercy's wedding  nothing could stop her from feeling ebullient.

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