Friday, 16 December 2016

A call for ponder : WHAT IF...

I have had dreams which have metamorphosis into nightmares, I have  had friends who turned into enemies. I have had ambitions which disappeared into nothingness.

I once saw my destination but I still lost my way even with my compass. I had tried to answer the why’s and how’s of my life, but the more I tried, the more complicated it got.

Today I woke up in the middle of nowhere trying to find the way I had lost long ago just because I was busy following others and helping them achieve their dreams while I allowed mine to suffer neglect and rejection. I had total confidence in what they had told me.

Maybe it’s time to view things from the very beginning.

What if all I was told about life was nothing but a big fat lie?

What if I was never born?

What if my whole being was nothing but a character in the lines of a story written by a renowned author?

What if I existed only in a writer’s imagination?

What if I was the product of my mum’s wayward life, a result of her youthful lust and desires?

What if my dad never wanted me?

What if my mum had aborted my pregnancy even before I was properly formed in the womb?

What if my mum died while giving birth to me?

What if I had died at birth or in the womb and I never lived a day?

What if I never saw the sun in its glory?

What if I never spoke or heard a word?

What if I never had a leg?

What if I never had hands?

What if I never used my tongue?

How can I explain it? What if I was not even a human.

The more I tried to answer these questions of life, the more insane I get.

I had searched for the answers in the wrong places.
If the if and why of life really had answers, then it is in the one asking the if.

What if the world never existed?

Written by :
Gana Daniel (THE PASSERBY) is a young Nigerian trying to understand the powers that control the world so as to give life a meaning.

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