Sunday, 18 December 2016

Today's story : PAST MEETS NOW... BY Ade-Ena

I was there when he came in and sat down on the longest chair. Looking so innocent and calm.

I just liked him. He greeted me and i answered him, just because i like him.

My daughter knows that i don't allow male visitors into my house especially when he is looking for Chika.

I told my daughter to offer him at least a drink and put on the TV for him. I was comfortable with him in the sitting room with my daughter, hearing them talk, laugh, sing and laugh again at jokes i think doesn't make any sense.

I was tired of hearing their young voices, so i put on the Tv in my room, increased the volume, loud enough to swallow their voices. After like an hour of changing from one boring music to boring news, i dozed off.
If My head told me it was just for few minutes, but my wristwatch tells me different, almost thirty minutes or so.

Opening my eyes to the boring music,i hissed. Then i remember my daughter i left with that innocent boyfriend of hers, i smiled and got out slowly from bed.

Immediately, my dream started playing back in my head; my daughter dancing in a party which was held in my home.

She was drunk i think, but was so happy that i left her to enjoy herself, so many of her male and female friends surrounded her and then she fell hitting her head on the edge of the table.

Anyway, opening the door of my room, facing the sitting room, i told myself that it was just a dream. I called my daughter, to ask her if her friend has left since i wasn't hearing their voices as before.

I got to the sitting, lying at my feet is Chika in her blood stain all over!

One glance tells me that her boyfriend touched her forcefully, touched my Only female child.

In less than 10minutes, i was with her in a clinic not far from my house.

When she woke up from her endless sleep, she narrated how Peter drugged her drink and since she didn't feel like drinking after coming from the kitchen with his prepared meal, he raped her twice...

hearing her talk in tears, i felt bad, i was not happy that i left them alone to themselves, i was now in tears because it as if the scenario was playing in my mind, the story I was part of many years ago but this time it's my Chika that is the female victim...

       THE END

*This is a narrative of a father caught by karma*

ADE-ENA is an Actor, Producer and film Director. He is the President of WOBIC aka Ocean of Love ministry.

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