Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Today's News headlines on CCN

Torture in secret prisons: How China fights corruption

US tourist allegedly gang-raped in India

Trump effect' has mixed results in Europe

Why people believe conspiracy theories like 'pizza gate

Genocide unfolding in Myanmar

Amazing images of the world's largest cave

Who'll be Trump's real first lady

Is Ivanka Trump mixing business with politics

Expedia IT guy made $300K by hacking execs

Silicon Valley wants scientists to be celebrities

Will Trump challenge 'One China' policy on Taiwan

This photo captures the end of the old world order

Trump meets with Al Gore on climate

Goddess' of Indian politics dies at 68

Soccer team killed in crash awarded title

Teen choir singer among fire victims

Aleppo girl's latest tweet: 'Goodbye

Mourinho, Ronaldo under scrutiny for taxes

World's longest airline routes

Found objects' worth $100K

Ancient secrets of bonsai

The most unlikely UNESCO site is.
How Trump should use Twitter

The messy truth about the gulf between Trump and
Clinton voters

No fees on International Payments

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Voters in Italy and Austria send message to EU

Italy's PM to resign as referendum fails

Aleppo girl's Twitter account goes dark

Russia and China vote against Aleppo ceasefire

Abe's Pearl Harbor visit will be 'enormous

Is this the first step to Italy quitting the EU

Brexit plans face Supreme Court test

France PM announces presidential bid

Controller playing game jailed for rail crash

At least 11 dead, dozens injured in hotel fire

Did malaria factor in the fall of the Roman Empire

New Zealand PM resigns

Fake US embassy shut down after a decade

Cleaner mocked on social media, then showered with

CNN anchor's open letter to Brazilian club

Cops apologize to Nickelback

Meet Italy's Donald Trump

Europe is handing Putin a win

No one knows Trump's next move on Taiwan

Trump attacks China but misses the mark

Tech firms are too slow to remove hate speech

Did fake news influence Italy's referendum

Trump wants to unshackle Main Street banks

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