Thursday, 15 December 2016

Governor Wike has finally been nabbed as Sahara reporters exposes an audio recording of his telephone conversation with INEC officials to rig the election, threatens to kill.

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has been caught on
tape as he held a telephone with officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), arranging payment to the officials in exchange for their help in rigging the recently concluded legislative elections in the state.

The telephone conversations, exclusively obtained by
SaharaReporters, revealed the governor arranging with INEC
officials, particularly those sent from Plateau State, to rig the
election for candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in
Etche, Khana, Ikwerre and other key local government areas in the

One of Mr. Wike’s phone calls went to a female INEC official who
was complaining that the money offered by the governor was not
sufficient for the rigging task. An infuriated Governor Wike told the
woman that he had already paid the electoral coordinator in
Plateau State.

At one point in the conversation, when Governor Wike was told
that one of the electoral officers was reluctant to sign one of the
result sheets, the governor threatened to demand his money back
from the recalcitrant official. Then, as if not satisfied with his
threat to collect back his money, Mr. Wike voiced his intent to kill
the official, stating that the man would not leave Rivers State

The chilling telephone conversation has exposed the inner
workings of Mr. Wike’s scheme to rig the recent election in his
state and also the collusion of INEC officials in the illicit deals.
Besides, the governor’s intimation of violence also pointed to the
possible bloody nature of the games played between politicians
who fund the rigging of elections and the electoral officials who
facilitate the scheme for quick, and often substantial, cash

SaharaReporters spoke to a top INEC official in Abuja who  confirmed that most of the electoral officers who conducted the recently concluded legislative elections in Rivers State were drafted from Plateau and Oyo States. He added that some of the electoral officials were also drafted from one of the Southeastern states.

Source - Sahara reporters

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