Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A message for you today : Possessing the Gates [2017] by Eneojo Paul

It is important we guard our gates against the unending attacks of hell, it is important we heavily defend our gates – eyes, ear, mouth, feel and nose. But most importantly is the promise to the Seed of Abraham.

“…and they shall possess the gate of their enemies”  Gen.22:17.

Isn’t this interesting? 
You were adopted into the family of Abraham by the finished works of Christ on Calvary's tree, you became Abraham seed the day you surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, hence, the promise of possessing the gates is to you. There are gates waiting to be possessed by Abraham’s seeds.

What then is the gate to be possessed?

The gate in the context of this edition represents 2017 and all the wealthy places, the place of successful transaction of business, the place of justice and exertion of authority, the place of rest and the place of riches and reach, the place of fulfillment and satisfaction.

You have the promise and covenant of God on your life because of your adoption, you have been promised power and dominion over cities. It is God’s utmost desire for you to possess gates (2017).
This year 2016 is been wrapped off to usher in another one, the new year will only submit her possessions to you when you are able to possess its gates even before it comes. You are to make a demand on and possess 2016's pending supplies for you and take authority over 2017 – own 2017 and all that comes with.

You can begin the possession process now if you have not already started. Begin by reviewing the 2016’s goals, aspirations, targets and expectations. It is not too late to expect that break through neither is it too early to start putting 2017 in order - in my own opinion I think it is late.

2017 is pregnant with a lot of possibilities, it is now up to you to ensure her safe delivery of these possibilities.

Return to your altar. Contend for and possess the gates (2017)

*Eneojo Paul is  A graduate of mathematics/computer science and a born teacher,  well vast in both spiritual and academic curriculum, a writer and public speaker . To get in touch with him, send me a mail*

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