Wednesday, 14 December 2016

No early birthday wishes for Pope Francis please

On Saturday 17th December, 2016, Pope Francis will be 80 years old.
Of which lots of well wishes and birthday wishes have started pouring in...

But  then, the Vatican has joking asked that early wishes should no longer be sent, as in his native Argentina, early wishes are said to bring bad luck.

While addressing  the faithful during his weekly audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI’s hall, he was presented with a cake from a woman.

It had two lit candles, one in the shape of an “8” and another
in the shape of a “0” the pope blew them out and said...

“I thank you all for the wishes for my upcoming birthday,
thanks a lot.

“But let me tell you something that will make you laugh: In
my country early birthday wishes bring bad luck,’’

So for the occasion  the Vatican has opened seven email accounts that can receive birthday messages in Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and Polish.

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