Monday, 5 December 2016


(ir="ltr">A story by ADE ENA...  Full of suspense, with an ending of suspense.

           ...All i could hear at that moment was the sound of gun. I paused for a time, don't even know how long, got up and walked slowly to the door.

So many things were going through my  mind; is there armed robbers in the sitting room, who shot that gun, who was shot, when did we start having guns in this house.

I know my Dad was a retired military man but he as never used that gun before in our presence except when he threatened to shoot my brother but that was long time ago, two weeks ago.

I paused to know if i will hear any sound or movement but the silence was so noisy that more fear rolled into my bones. Dan and Jack my Half-brothers were not in town with their mum, My Dad was a very busy man, busy with friends and drinks;

so i am alone in the house with my Mum, so i thought. I got very close to the door, opened it very quietly and very slowly. Peeped through the little opening created but didn't see anything but black; the room was so dark. So many thoughts waving in my head; what if the sound i heard wasn't real but just my head playing with my mind or i actually heard the sound but was too late to turn back to take the stick at the back of my bathroom door.

It was too late. My hand have found the wall switch. Before i put the switch on, i heard quick and sharp movement coming close to me. I put on the light. I was faced with a gun to my head, My step-Mum lying in her pool of blood.

"You know i love you and your brothers but i can't stop myself from doing this to my family" my Dad said and added "My second Wife is hell, I'm sorry".


ADE is an Actor, Producer and film Director. He is the President of WOBIC.

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